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Super effective campaigns in mobile channel


Psychographic analysis

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Show me your mobile and I will tell you who you are

Our core specialisation lies in mobile marketing and implementation of mobile ad campaigns to the selected group of users. We search and analyse data from mobile channel about owners of portable devices that provides advertisers with valuable source of information on their clients’ behaviour. Selectivv is able to prepare psychographic analysis and segmentation of consumers by linking data from mobile with offline data. We also participate in various innovative projects connected to Big Data.

Are you interested in ads targeted on users of smartphones and tablets by using data from mobile channel?

Would you like to implement an effective ad campaign of your product or service in mobile channel with a price model you prefer?

Would you like to discover who your clients are, what they are interested in, how they spend their free time or on which “stage of life” they currently are?

Mobile Marketing

We are able to implement complex ad campaigns targeted to the specific group of smartphone and tablet users in any time and place in the world. We use our own technology to buy ad  traffic in mobile applications and websites.

Ad campaigns in more than 200 000 mobile applications

Ad campaigns in 14 000 000 websites

Precise choice of targeted audience

Prepared users’ profiles that can be used for campaign

Geotargeting with 250 m precision

Geotrapping enables to identify users who were at specific place in  specific moment and time. After aggregating users’ data, Selective is able to show a targeted ad campaign to that user when he or she is in another location.


  • Gathering data on users who visited real estate fair and showing them ad campaigns next week
  • Gathering data on users who were shopping in biggest shopping malls in the city center, so that you can send them a discount offer and make them come back next time
  • Gathering data on users that visited fitness centres and showing them advertising campaigns of competitors
  • Gathering data on users who were at the gas station and showing them specific ads and later retargeting regardless of what mobile applications they use on phone

Selectivv Dashboard – is the panel for all our Customers that you can use to monitor the results of ongoing campaigns. From the start of the campaign the advertiser gets a unique link, which shows a visual representation of the current results of this campaign.

Thanks to analysing, user profiling and aggregating data about users of portable devices Selectivv is able to precisely reach smartphone and tablet owners interested in specific products and services. This data can be used for preparation of effective ad campaign for mobile devices.

User profiles examples:

  • Women who are planning to have a baby
  • Pregnant women
  • Mothers of 0-12 months old babies
  • Parents of 1-4 year old children
  • Parents who recently visited kindergarten
  • People who were abroad last 6 months
  • Economic immigrants
  • Sexual and gender minorities
  • People involved in sports
  • Geo localisation profile: Work / Home Area
  • Entrepreneurs who buy products in cash and carry stores
  • People who often visit shopping malls
  • Travellers
  • Football fans

We prepare effective marketing communication to owners of portable devices who are using WIFI in such places as airports, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants. Selectivv can show personalized ads in most attractive places by using beacons. We implement effective SMS/MMS push ad campaigns to the segmented user profiles regardless their localisation. We integrate mobile data gathered by us with our clients’ data in order to maximise the possibilities ad campaigns in mobile channel provide us with.


External data base


SMS/MMS campaigns

App publishers

Our extensive experience in ad campaigns implementation in mobile channel, allows us to prepare an effective strategy aimed to reach our clients’ customers, including creation of interactive creatives with high user involvement and effective landing pages.

Selectivv Performance

CPI Campaigns

Based on our expertise we are able to guarantee the maximum number of mobile app installations in the shortest time possible.

CPL Campaigns

By using information about users of portable devices we are able to show an ad to people who fulfill chosen criteria. Thanks to that your offer is shown only to potential clients.

CPC Campaigns

Our targeting includes dozens of criteria. Thanks to it we are able to optimise cost and maximise ROI of ad campaign.

CPS Campaigns

We care about every aspect of sales in mobile channel from reaching consumer at the right time, presenting an offer in an attractive way to convincing him or her to make a purchasing decision.

Selectivv Research

On the basis of mobile data gathered we know who users of portable devices are, how they spend free time, what is their current ‘Life Stage’ event. Deep analysis of your clients behaviour on smartphones and tablets enables us to create psychographic profiles and as a result effective marketing communication and strategy to increase loyalty and brand involvement.


Client: Finance institution that has their own mobile application

  • 30% of users are trying to get pregnant
  • 20% of users are interested in buying real estate
  • 42% spent their summer vacation abroad

Thanks to data gathered we can make an estimation of sales prediction for each user profiles.

How sales prediction can help:

  • Allows to choose targeted audience for each product or service
  • Helps to make a decision related to price policy
  • Helps to decide on marketing strategy for sales department
  • Helps to decide on what to change, improve in product or service
  • Allows to neglect effects form under or overestimation of demand

Our sales models relies on the latest data and allows to analyse users’ actions online

The future of advertising is mobile and only its correct use will allow to have a competitive advantage and win a battle for a client acquisition. We help our clients to create an effective digital strategy and to introduce their business to mobile world.


Client: Mobile phone operator

Problem: Bad opinion of clients about long buying process of SIM cards in dedicated places. Low sales results of additional services offered by call centre.

  • Sales process change of additional services from actual stores to mobile and client support for mobile application.

We link data gathered by us from mobile channel with information that companies have on their clients. Thanks to that clients’ data combined with ours’ deepens knowledge on clients’ behavior patterns. Projects can be implemented one time or it can be long-term cooperation.


Client: Service provider of leisure activities for workers

Problem: Lack of direct contact with users of services(contact only with companies) and marketing permissions.

  • Creation and promotion of mobile application in order to have a direct contact with users, analysis of Data on them and integration of data from mobile channel with clients’ BI and CRM.

We are eager to share our knowledge and experience in mobile ad campaigns implementation. For that purpose we provide workshops for marketing departments of SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) and enterprises about newest trends on mobile market.

Case Study

Allegro, Poland
The promotion of online sales
The campaign for car manufacturer
The video campaign
The campaign for developer
The promotion of bank services
The promotion of medical services


Selectivv nagroda w konkursie dla startupów

Our approach to data and mobile marketing campaigns has allowed us to obtain the award in the competition Start.Up.Press, organized by Press Group Poland.

We were nominated in the Polish Prize of Intellectual Development in 2017, which was initiated by the Center for Intellectual Development.

In 2016, we took the third place in the competition Ekomersy(E-Commerce) in category: debut of the year product/service organised by the magazine Ehandel.

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