The basis of all our activities are data about smartphone and tablet users from applications and mobile sites.

The data we analyze and profile come from over 200 000 applications with ad and over 15 000 000 mobile pages. We also obtain data about applications without ad. The most we operate in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania, but our unique technology is worldwide in scope. We have our own DMP platform, the largest data warehouse in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The database includes 82 000 000 unique users, 14 000 000 of which come from Poland. The kind of the collected information includes the name of the app and its category, network connection method (GSM / WiFi), location, time, age, gender, operator, device, operating system, etc.

Combining the precision of data analytics and advertising technology, we create a new quality in effective advertising campaigns and a source of valuable consumer information for many industries

Dane + AI