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We rely on precise data about users.

We have built our own powerful digital full-service, and we invite your company to use its whole potential. We work with influential brands from around the world and local agencies. We combine online data with offline behavior. This is how we create outstanding digital more ads. We also perform advanced user research. We do all of this so you can take conscious steps to acquire them.
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We focus on specific results and numerical data that confirm them. Therefore, we won't deceive you with beautiful words. We will show you the fully measurable effects based on our over 6-year activity. Find out for yourself how many opportunities we can offer to you.

Power in numbers

We present the effects of our actions for your company with powerful numbers.


countries we operate in


successful customers

4 000+

completed mobile campaigns

350 000+

applications from which we extract data

17 000 000+

mobile pages that we have access to

We have everything to contribute to your success

Imagine a place where you have access to a massive amount of mobile users. You can use ready-to-go profiles and avoid many costly advertising tests. You know where and whom to target your ads to achieve the best results. The database of users’ behavior, geolocation, and places they have visited in the past is robust. Buying advertising space in applications and on mobile pages is hassle-free. Nowhere else is there such a set of services and data as here. Do you have this image in your head? This place is our digital marketing agency.

Digital more ads

Digital more ads are personalized mobile campaigns. We implement display and rich media advertisements targeted at smartphone and tablet users. We combine them with outdoor advertising. We have advanced algorithms and our database of mobile recipients, which you will not get anywhere else. Precise ad targeting is our vital asset. Your ad will get precisely where it should!

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Big Data Research

We conduct research that helps you to understand your and competitors' clients. We profile users based on data from mobile devices that accompany them almost everywhere. We connect two worlds: traditional data with digital requirements. We analyze application users, people visiting specific places, determine the potential of a given location, and much more. Do you want to get to know your potential customers more precisely? Order your research now.

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Knowledge Center

Our digital marketing agency is not only about research and digital more advertising. We also do materials and reports that we provide you free of charge. You will find ready-made researches on mobile ads, advertising materials, smartphone and tablet users in our Knowledge Center. They will allow you to stay up to date with trends in the mobile market.

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Selectivv Viewer 2.0

Skorzystaj z naszego narzędzia Selectivv Viewer 2.0 i podejmuj trafniejsze decyzje biznesowe. Wykorzystaj dane lokalizacyjne, poznaj potencjał inwestycyjny konkretnych miejsc oraz catchment area (obszar wpływów firmy). Umożliwimy Ci analizę osób odwiedzających daną lokalizację. Poznasz też strukturę ruchu.

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Modern cookie-less approach

The cookie-less solution responds to changes in Google Chrome, which is the world leader among search engines. Google wants to make the web more private and therefore not to support third-party cookies. These types of cookies collect information, not for the visited website but its partners. On their basis, a user profile is created, taking into account data from various portals. Many agencies base their advertising activities on this. We chose a much more effective method.

We rely on the physical behavior of users, not just individual pages visited by them.

We use mobile advertising IDs, and they are the primary source of targeting our ads.

Thanks to this, we offer you much greater accuracy of the selected target group. We only note a 7-8% error compared to 50% in the case of cookies.

Our solutions are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable in all European Union countries.

Our digital marketing agency combines advertising and research activities for even better results

We masterfully combine online and offline data. We support outdoor advertising with well-thought-out mobile campaigns. We check the effectiveness of digital campaigns by specifying the profiles of users who visited a given location after the advertisement was displayed. Geolocation and proprietary Geotrapping® allow us to use digital marketing precisely in these places and for those users whose interest in the brand's offer is the greatest.

You pay for the results

At the very beginning, we agree with our clients the expected results, and we commit ourselves to fulfill all of the actions planned. In addition, we optimize them on an ongoing basis. After the implementation is completed, we analyze and settle accounts based on the planned expectations, targets, and provided business goals.

How does our digital marketing agency work?

At the very beginning, we agree with our clients the expected results, and we commit ourselves to fulfill all of the actions planned. In addition, we optimize them on an ongoing basis. After the implementation is completed, we analyze and settle accounts based on the planned expectations, targets, and provided business goals.

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We get to know your business and marketing needs. We find out what you want to achieve and propose specific actions. We advise you on how to implement an advertising campaign most effectively. We analyze the creations, websites, and landing pages through which you communicate with your customers.
Based on detailed arrangements, we evaluate our services. We specify your business goals and campaign targets that we help you to achieve. Then we sign the contract and start the work.
We use our internal user data and a Point of Interest database with 44 categories. We use modern technology platforms, including Programmatic, to purchase advertising space in applications and mobile websites. We optimize the activities and inform you about their progress.
We prepare a report with the results of the campaign or conducted research. We send or present it to you. We also propose further actions that may bring benefits to your brand.

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With us, you will reach your potential clients at any time

Fill in the contact form and learn about the strategy for your brand's most beneficial digital activities. It is enough to complete three fields. We will contact you and present a plan for the campaign and its valuation. Our full-service digital marketing agency can become your long-term partner. We care about our clients. Check it out for yourself!
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Our answers for FAQs

How much time should the advertising campaign last, and what is the minimum budget worth investing?
Ideally, ads should be displayed for at least one month, and it is worth allocating a minimum of PLN 10,000 per month for this purpose. Meeting these requirements means that we can provide our clients with an outstanding return on investment.
Do we provide clients with our data based on which we target digital more ads?
No. When you order a campaign from us, you get a ready implementation based on our data. In the report provided by us, you can check what results it brought.
How does our digital marketing agency bill advertising campaigns?
We offer several billing models: CPC (cost per click on an ad); CPM (cost 1,000 impressions); CPL (cost of acquiring a sales lead); CPI (cost of installing the application); CPA (the price of a specific action performed by the user).
Is it possible to target ads to specific applications?
Yes, we reach users of all applications that contain ads and even those without ads. Then we use our database, which has over 350,000 apps.
How is Geotargeting different from Geotrapping®?
Geotargeting takes real-time location data into account. At the same time, Geotrapping® provides information about the places visited by a given user in the past.
Where can you find out more about digital marketing, mobile advertising, and user analytics?
Check out our blog and the Knowledge Center. If you do not find what you are looking for there, please contact us immediately for more information and individual recommendations.