Мобильный маркетинг - реклама в приложениях и веб-страницах

Базируясь на анализируемых и профилируемых данных с канала mobile мы осуществляем комплексные рекламные кампании с точно подобранными целевыми аудиториями пользователей смартфонов и планшетов. Наша технология позволяет нам охватить владельцев мобильных устройств в конкретном месте в любой точке земного шара. Покупка рекламной кампании по модели Audience Buying позволяет охватить целевую аудиторию с меньшими расходами. Благодаря нашим решениям Твой маркетинг реализуется гораздо эффективнее.

Наше решение: Audience buying

Data + AI

Effectiv mobile marketing
  • Relevance to reach the target group
  • Reduced spending on advertising
Effectiveness: 0%

Стандартное решение: Placement buying

Purchase of advertising space
  • Limited range
  • More profits for the publisher
Effectiveness: 0%

Исследование, проведенное на американском рынке организацией Mobile Marketing Association (SMoX – Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effetiveness), довело что mobile, при 5% доле в расходах, увеличил на 25% сознания top-of-mind.

Способ действия системы и использования данных фирмой Selectivv был подтверждён безоговорочно фирмой Deloitte Consulting S.A. на день 6 декабря 2017 года.

Узнай на примере возможности использования мобильного маркетинга

Geotargeting allows companies to reach the right audience with an effective advertisement. Most of the solutions available on the market allow targeting selected country, region, province or city. Mobile advertising allows to reach users located in a given location with a precision of up to a few meters, which is vital in case of importance of reaching the clients in a given outlet, people visiting specific places or having similar interests.

With a new phone purchased, not every user realizes what applications he receives along with the smartphone. In most of cases the operator installs its own applications in order to bind the user more to operator’s services, also operator adds partners’ programs. This was the case, for example, in the Allegro application. Most new smartphone users did not know that it was pre-installed on their smartphone.

Mastercard – Retargeting to Open’er Festiwal 2017 participants

The campaign for Open’er Festival 2017 participants was held two weeks after the event. The purpose of the campaign was to reach the fans of the festival with the information that the band, which enables them to discounts during the event, still allows them to buy much more cheaply. The participant’s base was collected by geotrapping during the event and can be used in campaigns aimed at reaching young, active people.

Mercedes – Branding campaign 50 years AMG

The task was to reach the message “50 years of AMG” to fans of motor sports and AMG brand. The starting point for advertising was the use of a database of people identified as motoring fans. The base was collected by geotrapping. We have selected people who have participated in the biggest automotive events in Poland in the last 6 months. They were spectators of Warsaw Night Racing, Polish Motor Racing and Moto Show Krakow.

McDonald’s – recruitment campaign addressed to Ukrainian citizens

The purpose of the campaign was to reach out to Ukrainians staying in Poland with the intention of staying longer (immigrants). With the data collected in the DMP Selectivv we transmission advertising to people using the services of Polish mobile operators, but using the phone in Russian and Ukrainian languages. The ads motivated people to work in McDonald’s.

Tic Tac – product campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to reach with message to shoppers in the chain of Biedronka stores. Using the geotrapping function, we collected visitors from 1,800 Biedronka stores across Poland to DMP Selectivv database. The next step was to set campaigns and retargeting to those people and people near these stores. The campaign was realised in apps and mobile sites according to a Whitelist pre-order that excludes sports and fitness apps.

Volvo – Campaign to Premium Customers

The aim of the campaign was to reach PREMIUM customers. Mindshare has released the IP address and location, which were hotspots, which have been designated premium, i.e. restaurants, hotels, salons and services VOLVO. We gathered GAID/IDFA of people who visited these places and then implement campaign for them.

Angry Birds Movie – Mobile video campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to show an advertising banners and videos for a group of users who may be interested in watching a movie Angry Birds in the cinema (children, parents).

nc+ – Campaign to sport fans

Campaign advertised the opportunity to order Package nc+ before the European Championship in 2016, and was targeted to people interested in sport, particularly football.

Orthos – Campaign promoting medical center

The goal of a campaign was promotion of services in the field of sports medicine. We used Selectivv group: people actively involved in sports, people who are looking for private hospital in Poland.

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