2018 in Selectivv

January is not only time for summaries in Selectivv, but also time to plan activities for the next year. As last year we participated in numerous projects and activities, we decided to collect the most interesting facts from the life of the company. The summary of what you have been witnessing in the last 12 months can be found in the following article.

For us, 2018 was a year of hard work. We have participated in numerous projects in Poland, we have strengthened our position in the Ukrainian, Romanian and Hungarian markets. We implemented advertising campaigns for mobile devices in such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Finland, and Spain. We have been developing our Data Tank department, which deals with the analysis of data obtained from mobile devices, which currently counts 9 employees and co-workers

The year 2018 was met by the participants of the New Year’s Eve party in Zakopane. Interestingly, the data analyzed by us showed that more people came to the capital of the Tatra Mountains from Warsaw (over 7.5 thousand people) than from nearby Krakow (less than 7 thousand)

In March, the “50 AMG” campaign, implemented jointly with the LiquidThread agency, was nominated in the Mobile Trends competition in the category of the best marketing campaign. During the event, we also had the opportunity to present our experience in the mobile area and present our unique Geotrapping® service.

In the same month, we checked who Polish supporters were who flew to South Korea for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. During the first Sunday trade ban, we analyzed what effects of the ban had on the behavior and shopping habits of people who usually shop on Sunday.

Together with the Foundation Kazimierz Pułaski, we conducted a public opinion survey among smartphone and tablet users. We checked what the countrymen think about Polish foreign policy, security and what their attitude towards other countries is.

In May the president of Selectivv – Dominik Karbowski participated in the European Start-up Days, an event accompanying the jubilee 10th edition of the European Economic Congress. Video material is available here.

During the year, we implemented large projects for the public sector. The study of tourism in the province zachodniopomorskie and province warmińsko-mazurskim, or analysis of the GreenVelo cycling route.

In June, we officially started with the project Safe Pole, which aims to improve security and protect the lives of Poles abroad. At the time of the threat in any part of the world, we reach an alarm message to smartphone users from Poland who are on vacation or business trip.

During the ReDI fair organized by the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, we presented our proprietary Wifitrapping technology. Thanks to this we have checked how the participants of the event move during the fair. As in 2017 during the Warsaw Security Forum, the largest security conference in this part of Europe, we checked who were the participants of the event.

In autumn, at the Congress of Researchers in Warsaw, we presented a study conducted in cooperation with MANDS Badania Rynku i Opinii. The study concerned shopping behavior of the residents of Krzyki in Wrocław. On its basis, we checked which stores are missing for residents in the area. In Romania, we checked who are the participants of the Summer Wall Festival, the largest music festival in this country. In November, together with ValueMedia, we received a nomination for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and we were the only Polish company in London.

The year ended with an analysis of the movement of Warsaw residents between districts on their way to and from work. On this basis, we tried to answer where the capital needs a new metro line. We also analyzed the shopping habits of Poles based on the use of shopping applications and the number of visits to selected shopping centers during the Christmas rush.

2019 is promised to be equally interesting. We would like to thank our clients, partners, and friends who face new challenges every day and contribute to the development of Selectivv.

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