Does the perfect marketing campaign exist?

Does the perfect marketing campaign exist?

Advertising campaigns focused on efficiency and reach

We implement campaigns targeting users in specific countries, regions, cities, shopping centers, malls etc.

Advertising campaigns based on Geotrapping® technology

We retarget campaigns to users that have visited specific POIs for relative effective campaigns.

Advertising campaigns using historical data and user profiles

We analyze and profile mobile users based on their activities and location.

Advertising campaigns targeting application users

Ad campaigns targeting specific application users your or competitors one.

Advertising campaigns combination all targeting methods

Combination of solutions according to client needs.

Analyze the potential and the performance of outdoor campaigns

We profile users who have visited specific locations for the purpose of planning or optimizing outdoor campaign.

Retarget your outdoor audience on a smart mobile campaign

We retarget mobile users who have been nearby specific billboards or screens based on location.

Optimize your screen campaign based on current audience nearby

Analyze the current audience near your outdoor screen in order to optimize your current displays in real time.

Analyze your outdoor campaign audience

Based on our database and gathered mobile information, we can profile the potential reach and the audience of your outdoor campaign.

Measure the effectiveness of your mobile ad - Footfall

Using our passive Wifitrapping technology we analyse the mobile campaign vs. who has visited phisically the shop.

Targeted indoor mobile campaign in real time using ultrasonic sound

Real-time targeting indoor shoppers using Selectivv DOV-e technology.

Marketing campaigns for clients of centers and retargeting

Advertising tailored to shopping  mall clients.

Personalized solutions
Do you need assistance in choosing the perfect solution? Or would you like to combine few options together? No problem at all.