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Selectivv mobile device solution and Screen Network digital screens | #FeelAustria nominated for Golden Arrow 2019

Golden Arrow is a contest for marketing tools and activities that since 2006 has been designing benchmarks for the entire industry. From among the presented projects, the jury, composed of […]

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Is Galeria Młociny going to take off clients of the competition? – analyze of the opening weekend | Selectivv on ReDI

6th ReDI CEE Trade Fair for Retail Investment took place in Warsaw on May 29-30th. It was the key trade fair and conference event dedicated to the development of business […]

4 June 2019 Read More
App-clients visits brick & mortar stores 3x often than non-app-clients – Congress of the FMCG Market

The Congress of the FMCG took place in Warsaw on May 28-29th. It was an event dedicated to exchanging thoughts, knowledge and communication between partners in FMCG industry. It covered […]

31 May 2019 Read More
The Long Night of Museums in Warsaw – data from smartphones allowed to skip the largest queues

The Night of Museums – an annual cultural festival took place throughout Poland last Saturday. This year’s edition of the event was unique because for the first time the participants […]

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Selectivv – the Patron of Culture of Atlantic cinema

We are very pleased to inform you that we are the Patron of Culture of Atlantic cinema. Together with other cinema partners we will support its development. The data and […]

19 April 2019 Read More
Selectivv Index is launching soon – index for measuring the socio-economic sentiments of Poles

The purpose of Selectivv Index created by us is to show dynamically changing trends in the economy, thanks to the analysis of location data. The Selectivv Index consists of an […]

16 April 2019 Read More
Selectivv data support the public awareness campaign

Selectivv data used in the public awareness campaign “Do yourself good and protect yourself from cancer!” The message appeared on LED screens was displayed depending on the profile of people […]

12 April 2019 Read More
Q&A: Selectivv technologies, advertising, research and GDPR

Recently, we counted how many Ukrainians are in Poland and in which regions they live, we also conducted an analysis of users’ behavior and habits a year after the ban […]

10 April 2019 Read More
A year after Sunday trading ban: discount stores, drugstores and gas stations are the largest beneficiaries

A year has passed since the introduction of new legal regulations restricting trade on Sundays and a year has passed since we published a research on analyzing the behavior of […]

28 March 2019 Read More
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