Allegro - Promoting a mobile application

Developer of Allegro application decided to reach such users, from a base of several hundred thousand installations obtained through pre-intallation with a support of GSM operators. The goal of the campaign was to promote the mobile application and activate users who have the application on the phone but do not use it.

In order to reach these people, Allegro provided a list of user’s advertising numbers (GAID / IDFA). With the use of the Selectivv advertising platform, the campaign promoting the mobile application in all other applications and on mobile websites that users used in a given period was implemented.

Each user, after clicking on the ad appearing on his smartphone, could download a discount coupon and then carry it out while shopping on the platform via the application.

As the result of the campaign, beside activating users and encouraging the use of Allegro applications, a detailed analysis was conducted. Post-campaign report indicated a precise (with an accuracy of up to 2 m) location of users at the moment when the advertisement was displayed. The report included also additional information about users, such as age, gender, phone models, operating systems, behavioral profile, etc.

The Client has obtained such precise information as the information about his users and where they are. By obtaining such data from the campaign, it becomes possible to analyse which group of users was the easiest and the hardest to activate. The biggest percentage of using Allegro coupons and application were women from medium-sized cities with iPhone OS. This data helped the Client in planning next marketing campaigns.

Target Group

Individuals, that have installed Allegro application, but don’t use it.


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