Gripex. (You can more!) - A campaign using geolocation

Geotargeting allows companies to reach the right audience with an effective advertisement. Most of the solutions available on the market allow targeting selected country, region, province or city. Mobile advertising allows to reach users located in a given location with a precision of up to a few meters, which is vital in case of importance of reaching the clients in a given outlet, people visiting specific places or having similar interests.

The mobile campaigns was launched for drug producent Gripex, the company that wanted to reach people who had a cold or a flu during seasonal increase of deseases. During this time, the activity of companies on the pharmaceutical market is on its top therefore it is hard to reach the patient with an advertising message. An advertising campaign via media channels such as television or radio reaches different recipients, including those who are healthy at this moment, therefore they are not interested in communication with drug producents, which is the main distinguish of a mobile campaign comparing to traditional media channels. Mobile channel allows to differentiate a particular product and reach users when a given product or service is needed.

For the purpose of the brand Gripex, a campaign with geolocation settings was implemented. The aim of the campaign was to reach precisely several percent of people who are currently having a cold during the flu season. For the purpose of the campaign the data about addresses of thousands of private and state medical clinics across Poland was used. With the help of GPS signal, the advertising message reached people who have been using smartphones during their stay at hospital/polyclinic, waiting in a line for the doctor.

During two weeks of the campaign, the Gripex advertisement appeared on over 100,000 patients’ phones located at one of 10,000 polyclinics. This fact shows that with the use of geolocating for the campaign it became possible to reach 30% of patients currently being sick at that time. Over 93% of all users who responded to the advertisement were new Gripex customers.  Gripex campaign “You can more!” was awarded in the Golden Arrow 2017 competition.

Target Group

People who are currently sick


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