e-Holidays of Poles, do shopping gallery customers buy gifts online?

On the basis of data from the mobile channel, we examined pre-Christmas shopping habits of Poles. In the study, we used data from the Selectivv DMP (Data Management Platform) platform, which includes information about 14 million mobile device users in the country.

We selected 4 popular shopping applications (Allegro, AliExpress, OLX, Amazon) and 5 popular shopping centers (3 in Warsaw and 2 in Wrocław). On their examples, we have checked how the volume of traffic in e-commerce and commercial facilities has changed in the last months of the year. We also examined clients of selected shopping malls in terms of which shopping applications they use.

When and how do Poles start to buy Christmas presents? Did the trade ban introduced in March this year have an impact on when we start the Christmas  preparations? Data from mobile illustrate how users have behaved in the past, what they are doing now, and also predict future trends. The period before Christmas is the hottest time for traditional trade. We decided to check if the shopping spree also has an impact on increased traffic in applications. – says Marcin Augustyniak Client Director of Data Tank at Selectivv.

Shopping centers visitors

According to Selectivv data, in November 2017 there was an increase of visitors to selected shopping centers by 51% compared to October of the same year. In December 2017, this indicator was 17% referring to November. The analogical result for 2018, comparing November to October, is 46%. A smaller increase in visitors to locations analyzed in the current year vs. 2017, may result, among others from the Sunday trading ban.

Comparing the data from the last two years for the surveyed galleries, pre-Christmas shopping habits of young people up to the age of 40 have not changed. Comparing year to year, people in the three youngest age categories made up a similar percentage of gallery clients in the analyzed months. We see a change in behavior in the two oldest age categories. People aged 41-50 have started visits to selected shopping centers earlier this year (25% of all clients in November 2018, compared to 22% in November 2017). On the other hand, users over 51 in November 2018 constituted less than 17%, compared to over 20% in November 2017. At the end of December, we will be able to check if older people left to buy presents this year at the last minute?

It is women in the pre-Christmas period who are more frequent clients of shopping centers and constitute approx. 55% of all visitors. Often, their final purchase on the web is preceded by a visit to the stationary store, where they check the product selected in the application live.

On the occasion of the survey, it turned out that shopping centers are becoming less and less popular among young people under 20 – students and students. In the analyzed periods, they constituted only approx. 8% of all customers of these locations.

Online shopping

The fact that young people are increasingly making purchases in applications is provided by data from the analyzed applications. In November 2018, 13% of all Allegro users and 17% of AliExpress applications were persons up to 21 years of age (in the corresponding period of 2017 – 11% and 16% respectively)

Analysis of application users also shows that most compatriots, if you already buy gifts online, it does it mainly in November. The exception is the allegro application, which recorded a large increase in the number of active users also in December 2017. The allegro smart courier service recently introduced by this company may have an impact on even more frequent use of the application in the last month of this year. The remaining three applications recorded declines in activity in December 2017. This may be due to the different nature of the applications studied. In the case of AliExpress and Amazon, longer waiting time for a shipment. Users are aware that in order to receive an order, they must submit it in advance. Also the MAU (monthly active users) of an OLX application may result from its profile. It is more a classifieds site, where users are more likely to look for Christmas decorations than gifts.

E-commerce applications were used by men in the pre-Christmas period (on average 52%). This year, in the case of the allegro application, we see greater activity in female applications (51%). At the time before Christmas, the largest group among users of shopping applications is people aged 21 – 40. Professionally active people who may have less and less time to shop in shopping malls and in-store stores.

The most popular e-commerce application among clients of the shopping malls in the pre-holiday period is allegro (about 17% of users). The next place is occupied by OLX – in Warsaw it uses – about 8% of the customers of the examined galleries, and in Wrocław – 12%. Data analysis from mobile shows that more than one-fifth of traditional shopping center customers also shop in online applications.


The knowledge of the behavior of mobile device users, obtained through the analysis of data coming directly from the mobile channel, has many applications. By using the Selectivv – Geotrapping® service we can reach users with a suitably profiled advertisement, but also to examine the population of users in a specific location. Thanks to this, we can describe the demographic and behavioral structure of clients of selected shopping centers or measure changes in the volume of traffic in these locations. – emphasizes Marcin Augustyniak.

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