How to use GeotrappingⓇ and mobile in holiday campaigns?

The hottest shopping period in a year is ahead of us. Time of increased advertising activity and competition for client’s attention

Companies will compete in the preparation of engaging and inspiring marketing campaigns on TV, radio and the press. However, the modern recipient is more and more demanding. Every day he receives thousands of information that he needs to sort to reach the important content. Therefore, during this period, it is particularly worth to focus on an individual approach and an offer tailored to his needs.

In the Christmas shopping fever, the key to successful communication will be a smartphone

The device that the user always has with him and supports his purchases and accompanies him throughout the decision-making process. Starting from searching for inspiration, by comparing offers, ending with choosing the place where you will make the transaction. Using smartphones not only changes the shopping habits of Poles and saves their time but also simplifies the way of building customer relationships.

Mobile enables communication to a wide range of recipients. The use of profiled data on users of mobile devices on this occasion allows to reach them in an individual way. Therefore, companies that put on mobile advertising gain double. The use of profiled groups of recipients in advertising campaigns, the use of the GeotrappingⓇ service or the combination of mobile campaigns with OOH and DOOH advertising will give the Christmas campaigns a new quality.

When preparing a Christmas campaign for advertising offers, we must remember that customers are different

Other presents for the Christmas tree will be found by parents of small children, and other by parents of school-age children. Other Christmas Eve dishes will be prepared by people browsing the websites for vegan cuisine, than those who enjoy traditional one.

However, which applications and mobile sites users use, says a lot about their lifestyle, habits, and needs. Data from the mobile is passive data that allows you to better know the user and understand how, why, when and where he makes key decisions.

An interesting idea may be a comprehensive campaign addressed to various groups of recipients, targeted at the suburbs of large cities and their district-sleeping areas. By reaching out with the holiday offer during the day to children and teenagers, we can strengthen the advertising message by displaying to the parents in the evening.

Using Geotrapping®, the Selectivv’s service, you can, for example, promote your offer among the competitors’ clients. An interesting example of such a campaign may be reaching out to DIY stores during the holiday season. Proposing to them the offer of goods for decorating the home or special edition of Christmas goods (designer cushions, aromas, and fragrances for the home). GeotrappingⓇ also allows you to analyze and check from what locations customers arrive at your store.

Finally, mobile can also be a support for a Christmas campaign carried out on digital screens in the urban space

Allows you to match the content of your DOOH ad to users who are close to the media. They also allow the implementation of a campaign retargeted to these people. The Christmas campaign shown on billboards or stoplights can be supported by a message on smartphones, improving the perception of the brand by users.

The use of unconventional possibilities of this form of communication will allow you to reach the recipient with a personalized Christmas offer. It will make it easier for customers to choose a Christmas present, and as a result, increase the effectiveness of advertising in both e-commerce and retail.

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