New Head of Performance Department at Selectivv

At the beginning of the year another specialist strengthened #TeamSelectivv. Michał Gąś, previously associated with the Cube Group, took the position of Head of Performance Department. He will be responsible for the realization team which implements ad campaigns for our clients.


Michał has been associated with the media industry for 13 years. Previously, he has been employed at OMD, where he was responsible for key clients’ digital projects. At Cube Group, he created, from the very basis, a new department responsible for Programmatic Buying. He is experienced media strategist and has high analytical competences. Our new Head of Performance Department focuses on Performance Marketing, which is particularly important with the support of the company’s current clients in this area.

Michał Gąś – Head of Performance Department at Selectivv

Goals of the new manager

In connection with entering new areas of activity, the most important tasks of the new manager will be the development of the product offer and raising the department’s competence in the field of performance marketing.

Selectivv was founded in 2015 and analyzes mobile data, usage, location and profiles it. Currently, we have at our disposal the largest database in Central and Eastern Europe. The database covers a total of 121 million people, including 14 million deeply profiled users in Poland.

We have developed the technologies for collecting and analyzing mobile data. We obtain unique information on the users characteristic in specific locations. On this basis, we conduct detailed analyzes and implement advertising campaigns targeted and tailored to the current needs of the recipients. We combine the traditional world of research and advertisement with the requirements of the digital reality.

We integrate multiple advertising network and receive information from over 200,000 applications with advertisements and from over 15,000,000 mobile websites. On the basis of the information collected, we profile consumers of mobile devices. Our algoritm can predict on high accuracy 362 facts about a single user (still anonymus). The data is being collected and updated in real time

We operate in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Scandinavian countries, Latin America and others. We can easily collect information from any locations from around the globe and use our algorithm to deeply profile and enrich our database, and therefore we are open for any international cooperation.

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