New managers of the Data Tank Department

Due to the increasing number of projects based on the analysis and interpretation of data from mobile devices, we are expanding our research and analytical department. Marcin Augustyniak – will take the position of the Client Director of Data Tank, and Katarzyna Rode will be the Project Manager of Data Tank.

At Selectivv, we already employ over 40 specialists in various fields. Among them are programmers, marketers, IT infrastructure specialists, strategists, sales representatives, and data analysts. All this to provide the market with the highest quality data about users of mobile devices. This information is used in advertising as well as research projects and analysis from the big data area.

In addition to the Polish market, we provide our services in Russia, Romania, Hungary, and Ukraine. Thanks to this, we have the largest set of data on users of mobile devices in Central and Eastern Europe. It covers a total of 82 million people, of which 14 million in Poland. The data that is continuously updated with the real-time information from the mobile channel, form the basis of analysis and research of user behavior. The data is used by companies from such industries as retail, telecommunications, transportation, tourism, marketing, and advertising.

Due to the rapid development of the company’s research services and the significant importance of the Data Tank department in the company’s business operations, its structures will be strengthened by two managers. In the nearest future, we are planning to expand the size of this department.

Who are the new managers of the Data Tank department?

Marcin Augustyniak

Marcin Augustyniak will take the position of Client Director of Data Tank. His duties will include the development of products from the area of research and analysis, negotiating contracts and development of sales of services from the research and analytical segments. He is sociology graduate. Since 2000, he has been involved in social and marketing researches. Before joining our team, in 2015 – 2018 he worked for MANDS Market and Opinion Research, where he was responsible for planning and implementing marketing researches, with particular emphasis on the retail industry. Marcin Augustyniak has many years of experience in managing research teams. His research interests include issues related to inference using various sources of information and development of analyzes based on behavioral data.

selectivv Data Tank Marcin Augustyniak

Katarzyna Rode

Katarzyna Rode joined the company in September this year as an analyst. In November she was promoted to the position of Project Manager of Data Tank. Her duties include the development of products in the field of research and analysis, the design as well as the implementation of services from the research and analytical segment. Thanks to her cognitive education, Katarzyna has interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of data analysis and exploration, research paradigm design, and the use of modern technologies in practice.

Katarzyna expanded her research and design knowledge by collaborating with many scientific institutions, including the Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology (University of Warsaw) and Interdisciplinary Center of New Technologies in Toruń. Working as a Project Manager at Sports Excite sp. Z o. O. Katarzyna gained the necessary experience to run and implement projects combining marketing and science activities while ensuring the integration of technological competences. Katarzyna is also interested in User Experience, which is the design of user-oriented interactive systems. What is important to her is the intuitiveness of the product being created, the fluidity of interaction and the terminology understandable to the user.

Katarzyna Rode Selectivv

We wish you good luck on this journey!

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