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Population flow research

The research about traffic volume combined with user profiling provides you with great opportunities. Thanks to this, you can choose the best location for your investment or business. You can check where it is best to run external advertising campaigns. You can discover places and times when traffic is most significant. Transport, communication management, real estate, gastronomy, and any other industry can gain a lot thanks to our analyzes. We have extensive research experience, modern technologies, proprietary solutions, and our database. Write to us.

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Geotrapping® technology for obtaining data about users visiting specific locations
Movements of users in between given areas
Extensive Point of Interest Selectivv database, thanks to which you will learn about offline behavior

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The population flow research includes many analyses

We provide our clients with comprehensive statistics and complementary analyzes. We won't leave you with the disappointing question: "But why is it like that exactly? I need more information."

We use in our research original Geotrapping®technology, location data, and mobile user profiles from the Selectivv database. This enables us to provide in-depth analyzes. Kind of which allow you to plan specific activities and strategies.

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Population flow research
Determination of traffic volume
We study the volume of traffic. It is a modern, simpler and above all more cost-effective solution than other available methods. Based on our analysis, you can fight traffic jams more effectively thanks to proper planning and management of transport.
Location potential research
We check how many potential customers are in a given area. We analyze data such as the number of users, demographics, and characteristics. We test the volume of traffic at different times of the day. In this way, we help choose the best locations for investments , stationary stores, and service points.

Population Movement Research

We conduct a population movement survey. We define where people come from and how people move in the examined area. We set user paths inside facilities, e.g., shopping centers or trade fairs. We also study international migration. Ukrainians in Poland, the characteristics of foreigners, or the analysis of their behavior and plans are just some of the topics we deal with.

Badanie przepływu ludności w praktyce

Precision is our hallmark

Our technology achieves from 2 m accuracy. Our technology achieves accuracy from 2 to 4 meters. We collect data inside the designated area. It can be, for example, a train station, airport, gas station, shopping center, or any other location. We discover the most popular transportation routes.

We analyze the movement of the population in the context of obligatory transfers, such as:

  • to work,
  • to school,
  • back home.

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Our answers for FAQs

Is our population movement survey compliant with the GDPR?
We follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) when carrying out our population movement and traffic survey. The data we collect is anonymous and does not violate personal rights.
How precise Geotrapping® is?

Our technology achieves accuracy from 2 to 4 meters. We collect data inside the designated area. It can be, for example, a train station, airport, gas station, shopping center, or any other location.

How large are the groups we study?

The scope of the research depends on the specific order. We can study very extensive research samples.

How is our traffic and population flow research better than our competitors' offers?

We use proprietary technology and a database of users from different countries. We combine online and offline data, learning about the actual behavior of the respondents.

Do we run advertising campaigns based on data from our research?

Yes, in addition to research, we also specialize in digital advertising campaigns. We promote investments, events, and offers of companies from various industries.

Where can I find more information about the research and its results?

We provide reports with the results and analysis of selected studies for free in the Knowledge Center. We also write about migrations and the movement of people on our blog. Foreigners, including Ukrainians in Poland or the traffic volume, are examples of topics in our blog articles.