Marketing realization

Promotion of Christmas offer in Super-Pharm

Marketing KPI:

• Promote the beauty products for Christmas gifts
• Collect user data base for footfall purposes

Target group:

• People visiting Galeria Mokotów shopping mall.


• To reach users from a given target group we used geotargeting & Selectivv Geotrapping®. During the campaign we collected database of users who in­teract with creatives. By lnstalling Se­lectivv Wifitrapping at the store we collec­ted data on users visiting client’s store and did a post campaign footfall analy­ze including user characteristic.


• During the campaign we achieved over 500,000 impressions. Also, according to using Wifitrapping technology we me­asured that over 1,500 users who had contact with emitted campaign visited store.

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