Research realization

Measurement of Krzyki district residents shopping habits

Research KPI:

• Determine the krzyki residents shopping habits
• Check how far they will to go in order to satisfy their shopping needs basing on mobile data and compare it to traditional survey results.


• Basing on Selectiw Geotrapping@ technology and DMP on selected POI (DIY stores, drugsto­res, supermarkets), we analyzed user shopping habits, the demographic and user characteristics. We conducted the Geotrapping@ footfall analysis for the specific POIs. We prepared a report comparing the received mobile data with the traditional survey conducted in that district.


• The research showed, for example, that the Krzyki district residents rather visit Castorama that is located 8 km away, than the local competitor stores.
Basing on traditional surveys, certain shopping habits did not correlated with the certain brands. The research can help to plan future brand awareness and marketing campaigns and future potential investments (opening the right store in a right location for the resident needs).

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