We are expanding the Sales Department by four new people

Due to the increasing number of both commercial and social projects in which we are involved in 2019, as well as the ongoing expansion on foreign markets, we are increasing the sales department by four new specialists. At the beginning of the year, Łukasz Tomaszewski, Marcin Kram, Łukasz Mądrach and Rafael Molski joined the Selectivv team.

Currently, almost 50 experts from various fields work on five markets: Polish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian. The Selectivv team includes analysts, marketers, programmers, strategists and sales specialists. The latter currently form a 12-person department. Due to the growing number of business initiatives and international expansion, the Selectivv team is constantly growing by new experts. Data obtained and analyzed by us from the mobile channel are used in the area of marketing to analyze the behavior and shopping preferences of users of mobile devices. However, their research potential is unlimited and can be used to implement many analytical projects in various industries, including transportation – to analyze the volume of transport and travel traffic – to analyze tourism in a given place or region or trade – to plan future investments or service points.

Given the multiplicity of projects and the expanding portfolio of services and tools to implement effective mobile marketing campaigns, we are expanding the structures and competencies of the sales team.

Who are the people we employed?

Łukasz Tomaszewski

Łukasz Tomaszewski will be responsible for the sale and service of direct clients. Before joining the Selectivv team, for over 2 years he cooperated with the Wirtualna Polska Group, where he was responsible for selling the e-commerce products. Previously he worked at PolskaPress where he served clients from the automotive market. He cooperated with such brands as Toyota Motor Poland, PSA, and GM.

Marcin Kram

Marcin Kram has been associated with the media since 2006. He started his professional career working at the Polish Radio RDC in the advertising and promotion department, and later in the New Media section. In the advertising agency Nes Marketing he was responsible for acquiring clients, tenders, and events for key clients of the company. He supervised the organization of congresses, thematic events, and fairs such as Fiat Bank, Orange, J.W. Construction, Basf, Pfizer or Shell. The biggest professional challenge and, at the same time, the success was the launch of the Shell Fuel Save Partner system and the implementation of the International Renewable Energy Congress and Fair in Poznań for PIGEO at MTP. He ran his own event activity. He collaborated with the stars of the Polish music scene, advertising agencies and clients from various industries. He also graduated from the Music Academy in Warsaw.

Łukasz Mądrach

Łukasz Mądrach will be responsible for cooperation with media houses and agencies. Has many years of experience in sales and cooperation with the largest entities in the advertising industry. Recently, he worked with the Monster Media group as Product Development Manager, where apart from sales he dealt with the development of the group’s products. Previously, he worked at Ströer Digital Media as an Agency Sales Manager and was responsible for servicing, building relationships and conducting negotiations with the largest media groups in Poland (including OMD, PHD, Dentsu). He successfully launched the company’s products in such areas as mobile, desktop and influencer marketing (Tag Life). He also conducted internal digital training aimed at representatives of the outdoor industry. He started his adventure with internet marketing at Goldbach Audience.

Rafael Molski

Rafael Molski will be responsible for sales development, negotiations, and service for new clients from the retail industry. He has 18 years of sales experience. He started his career at Coca-Cola, where he was responsible for the Horeca segment. Then he participated in consulting projects for the company Frost & Sullivan. During Euro 2012 he worked for UEFA, where he gained corporate clients. After returning from Central and South America, he took an active part in the development of the Polish start-up of RTB House. Recently associated with the company Spantium VR, where he developed VR and AR projects for the newly emerging architecture in the office industry. He cooperated with global brands: Volvo, Xerox, EDF, Saint Gobain, Bilfinger, Storck, Husqvarna, DHL, Iveco, Danone, Bayer, and banks: BOŚ Bank, BGŻ Bank, and Volkswagen Bank.

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