Marketing research and behavioral analysis - passive data acquisition

Based on Selectivv Data Tank technology, we can significantly reduce the duration of the marketing study by analyzing a larger research sample. Data for researches is collected continuously 24h / 7 days a week / 365 days per year. The obtained information is passive data, reflecting the real behavior of users, which in comparison with declarativeness of classic marketing research, allows you to get much more reliable data.

Our solution: Selectivv Data Tank

  • Relevance to reach the target group
  • Reduced spending on advertising

DMP Data

Classic research

  • Limited research sample
  • Limited study time
  • Declarativeness

The way the system works and the data used by Selectivv have been verified without objections by Deloitte Consulting S.A. as at December 6, 2017.

Examples of conducted marketing research and behavioral analysis

Sunday trade ban

Mobile data makes possible to track movements of smartphone and tablet users, to track in what places and for how long they are. This data allows to precise the volumen of visitors, for example, in particular market or at the particular zone. Mobile data helps us do research changes in users’ habits on the first Sunday with trade ban. You may find the results of the research in prepared by us infographic and heatmaps, which present the most popular places of visiting during the Sunday 4.03.2018 and the first Sunday with a trade ban (11.03.2018).   

Social opinion survey – Internetional policy and internal security of Poland

Mobile channel allows to make a survey and lerning about opinion of a huge amount of citizens regarding particular topic. It makes possible to reach a particular group of people with particular demographic and behavioral characteristics, so only the opinions of users who match the survey profile are collected. Thanks to mobile devices, we are able to survey bigger amount of people in shorter time, comparing to traditional methods. Research regarding citizens’ opinion about international policy and internal security of Poland is performer mutually with Kazimierz Puławski Fund (Fundacja im. Kazimierza Puławskiego). The results of th research are presented in mutual report.

Profile of a Polish fan at the Winter Olympics

Data from smartphones allow to examine people of a given nationality staying in a foreign country. With the information about which language is set on the device, you can determine the nationality of the user. You can then analyze the demographic and behavioral profile of people who are in a given location. Thus, it is possible to study Poles who went to work to the British Isles, Ukrainians residing permanently in Poland, or sports fans from a given country at the world’s largest sports competitions. With the data from the mobile channel, we checked the profile of the Polish fan, who supported athletes at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

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