Research solutions
Check the real extent of the shopping mall
Research solutions
Check the real extent of the shopping mall

Location potential:

Using our own solutions, we examine the coverage area for users living (night zone) or working nearby (daily zone) and characteristics of these people: age structure, wealth, etc. The analysis shows:

• the actual scope of the shopping mall;
• share of loyal and occasional customers in the coverage area;
• zone of the strongest competition;
• characteristics of current and potential clients.

Based on the report from the research, you will plan and implement effective activities that increase the reach of your shopping mall.

Case studies:

Marketing realization: Promotion of the OBI offer
Marketing realization: Promotion of Christmas offer in Super-Pharm
Research realization: Research on ReDI participants
Research realization: Online shopping trends of Poles during the pre-Christmas period
Research realization: Measurement of Krzyki district residents shopping habits

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