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Selectivv Specyfikacja banerów reklamowych część 2_A4 viz 1

Specification of advertising banners, part 2

The second part of the publication on online advertising materials is devoted to advertising in social media. In addition to Display Ads, social media is an important channel for marketing campaigns, both in terms of image and efficiency.

Selectivv specyfikacja banerow reklamowych cz.1 podgląd treści infografika

Specification of advertising banners, part 1

Thanks to many years of experience in mobile advertising, we collected important data that allowed us to determine which creations bring the best results for customers. In the publication, we provide detailed formal requirements for banners and how to display them on both mobile and desktop.

Raport Selectivv - Użytkownicy smartfonów i tabletów w Polsce 2020 - fragment

Smartphone and tablet users in Poland 2020

The study covers such topics as: the movement of smartphone users, the use of selected applications, Internet consumption for mobile and commercial locations. All in the context of the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.