Selectivv has researched who attended ReDI fair

On the 6th-7th of June in Warsaw the biggest conference for managers and owners of shopping centers, also for renters and shopping centers among CEE. The event was organized by Polish Council of Shopping Centers – ReDI fair. Among the participants of the event were the representatives of Polish and European commercial real estate sector.

During a conference the attendees were able to learn about innovative technological solutions for business and handling objects. As an example of such innovation the research performed by Selectivv was presented. The research concerned mobile users-attendees of the event, moreover, the information was updated in real time. It allowed organizators to clarify, what the demographic structure of participants was, how the heat map looked like, what the traffic was in dividing by sectors.

During the research performance at ReDI fair Selectivv has used its original solutions. Geotrapping® allowed to collect the database of users, basing on their location and passive WiFi antennas, which helped to create a typical path of attendees inside a building. Similar research was performed in the previous year for the purpose of Warsaw Security Forum, one of the most important conference concerning security issues in Middle Europe.

Selectivv has provided real-time quantitative data, but also has analyzed behavioral profiles of participants. The statistics was updated up to time, and it was presented on conference screens. Among the guest of the event the following profiles were dominated: People actively involved in sport, people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle (read about health), parents, clients of discounts, people ordering food by phone. These kinds of data may be used for the purpose of private sector, e.g. in business relations, investments planning, new stores planning, new food and service points planning. Also such kind of data will be useful for public sector, e.g. in bicycle paths planning or in water management in cities.

Selectivv has researched who attended ReDI fair

Thanks to the geotrapping method, which is performed on different fairs, conferences, advertising events, concerts, the data may be used for advertising campaigns planning. Moreover, the campaign may be tailored to specific group of recipients, who are interested in particular offer.  For example, people, who are participating in real estate fair, may be informed afterward about new investments, meanwhile the couples, who are attending wedding fair may receive new offer regarding a place for celebration or catering offers.

BIG DATA which is received from mobile channel becomes more significant in the recent years, more and more organizations are interested in business potential of mobile data. The tools and analytics methods which are implemented by Selectivv meet legal requirements in the terms of new GDPR law, which entered into force 25th of May 2018. Selectivv works with anonymized database, whereas the smallest group of researched population is 1000 of users.

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