Trends 2019

Nearly 2.5 billion mobile users around the world are witnessing a technological revolution. The use of virtual reality, AR, Voice Search, location data is all happening right next to us. More and more advanced devices, companies that can use their functionalities. We can be sure that another year will bring us new opportunities in areas such as Big Data, AI, machine learning and automation. It will be not without impact on mobile marketing and user analysis. Check what is awaiting us in 2019!


Development of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is another embodiment of virtual reality that has progressed beyond the realm of games. AR is increasingly used by technology companies, well-known brands, and agencies even in advertising campaigns. What is it about? Meet the reality enriched with additional objects that gives you a chance to get to know the real world better through the smartphone. Do you wonder how this chair from the catalog will look in your room? Or maybe you want to learn more about the place, building, monument in real time? Just direct your phone’s camera at the object and the screen will do the work for you with the help of AR. This year, we will see even more projects based on augmented reality.


Integration of outdoor advertising with mobile

And what about advertising in urban space? Here’s what the chief commercial and operations officer Ooh!Media Noel Cook said, “OOH continues to evolve into a much more sophisticated media with greater data and insights, new environments and advancements in technology. Despite all these changes and access to more data than ever to help inform the best use of media budgets, the planning, booking, and scheduling for OOH is set to become easier”

Therefore, in 2019, we will hear more examples of mobile synergies with OOH and DOOH. Data and technology will be used to analyze the recipients in a given location to profile them, and then to target personalized ads at them.

The first step connecting the mobile data with the external advertisement has already been made in the #FeelAustria campaign. In 2019, we will go even further and use retargeting at smartphone users who have previously run into an advertisement in the urban space.


Using the potential of location data

Location-based advertising is not a new way to reach potential customers. However, you could be shocked by the fact how many companies have not yet fully tested its potential. The current year is time for them to catch up. The companies will invest even more funds in precise geo-targeting so to catch the people who are characterized by specific behavior in the real world. For example:

  • have passed by your store
  • have  bought products from the competitor’s store
  • have visited a new housing estate with the intention of buying a flat
  • have participated in the last motor show.

In Selectivv, we’ve distinguished over 60 user profiles to make the most of the potential of location-based advertising.

The source of knowledge about clients

Most smartphone users share their location because they want to be up to date with current offers in the immediate area. Smartphones also communicate via available WiFi networks in the nearest area. How can we use that? Imagine that you know the paths of movements of your clients in a shopping center. You know when and which way they enter the shopping center, how long they around until they reach your store … or the shop of the competitor. Wifitrapping, a solution offered by Selectivv, allows you to analyze user traffic and plan your marketing strategy for 2019 based on real data! More and more shopping centers and malls are getting interested in this service, which gives unique knowledge about the behavior of customers inside the facilities.


Ultrasounds to catch the right moment

The average consumer is facing thousands of micro-moments like:

  • I want to know…
  • I want to go to…
  • I want to do…
  • I want to buy…

When do consumers feel these desires? While in a shopping center? Surfing the Internet looking for shoes on sales? Watching a new episode of his favorite series? The success of the company depends on the ability to reach customers in such crucial moments. The innovative DOV-e ultrasound technology makes communication with users at the right time possible. You will reach them not only at commercial places but also in e-commerce or when they listen to the radio and watching TV. Do not forget to check it out! More information coming soon.

Do you have any trends that you would like to share with us?


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