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Is it the end of the outdoor ads era?

Over the past year, we’ve heard ‘Coronavirus pandemic is getting stronger’ really often. Numerous restrictions are being imposed, but our situation doesn’t seem to get better. We moved our social life, work, hobbies, and even shopping to the internet. Nowadays, the internet is a place for our day-to-day activities. That’s why investing in digital campaigns is the basis of today’s marketing strategy. There is one question to be asked - does pandemic for good made outdoor ads ineffective?

Changes pandemic caused   

2020 and the beginning of the new decade were supposed to be game-changing. Changes came but not precisely in the shape we expected. For fear of infection and because most commercial premises are closed, we rather choose to stay home.

In advertising, those changes lead to signify the meaning of digital campaigns— the fewer people on the streets, the smaller outdoor ads outreach. We walk and travel less, so there are fewer chances to see banners, billboards, or posters. Hence, one crucial question needs to be asked: how should advertisers react to those changes?

Are digital campaigns the only solution?  

Digital campaigns are cheaper and allow us to predict viewers’ shopping preferences precisely.  In our last article, we wrote about display rich media efficiency. Those ads, which use many audiovisual forms, attract users’ attention much quicker and longer.  

We shouldn’t completely resign from outdoor ads. While they are directly associated with traditional billboards, there are much more options. We can use street signboards, ads in public transportation, and though we can question its efficiency in the current context, they are still an essential addition to digital campaigns.

Pandemic and what next?  

Today, those companies that have moved their activities to the Internet have the advantage. Some of them rightfully decided to digitalize their products (VOD, e-books, and others). Gastronomy, tourism, and transportation industries suffered the consequences of the economic freeze. We could have observed a tendency of moving our lives online even before the pandemic started, but only now can we notice how important it was.

We shouldn’t forget about clients with lower budgets at their disposal. Focusing on digital ads can be the solution also for them, as nowadays more users than ever are online.

The current epidemiologic situation leaves no doubts - restrictions probably will last for a while, while public spaces remain relatively closed for almost six months now. The optimistic scenarios come and go. The only right strategy is a cool calculation, and it leaves no illusions - Internet advertising, next to TV commercials, are currently the most popular promotion tools, so you should focus on them in the first place.

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