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Mobile weather: app or www?

At the end of July, we conducted a study aimed at showing where mobile users in Poland usually check the weather. Based on data from Selectivv DMP containing data from smartphones and tablets, we analyzed weather applications and mobile websites. 4 most popular weather applications and 5 mobile websites were selected for the analysis. Their popularity was determined based on the monthly number of active users, i.e. people who have used the application / website at least once in the last month. In total, over 5.5 million users were analyzed.

Where do we usually check the weather on smartphones?

On the basis of the results, it can be concluded that the users of smartphones and tablets almost 3 times more often check the weather in the application than on mobile websites.

The most popular application, with over 50,000,000 active users worldwide, is  AccuWeather: Local Weather Forecast & Live Alerts // AccuWeather: lokalna prognoza pogody. In Poland, 45% of analyzed users use it. The second place in the number of active users is occupied by two applications:  Weather forecast / Prognoza pogody and Weather forecast / Pogoda. Despite a comparable number of downloads in the world, they are not equally popular among Polish users. The first is used by 28% of tested persons, while on the other - by 4 times less. This is a rather unexpected result considering the date of publication, the functionality of the app, the interface or the availability on devices with different OS (the first one listed is only available on Android devices). The native solution to which the University of Warsaw supplies ICM data is also very popular. The Meteo ICM prognoza numeryczna app is used by 20% of smartphone and tablet users in Poland.

Among the mobile sites where we check the weather, the most popular is pogoda.wp.pl. 28% of mobile users in Poland visit it looking for information about weather conditions. 23% of respondents get the weather forecast at pogoda.interia.pl and pogoda.onet.pl. 18% - check tvnmeteo.tvn24.pl, but only 8% - check twojapogoda.pl

Who checks the weather on a smartphone?

On average, the weather in applications is more likely to be checked by men, while on mobile websites - women. As we can see, the biggest gap is in two applications: Weather forecast and Meteo ICM. In both cases the distribution is 59/41 - men / women. As far as AccuWeather or Weather forecast is concerned, we see a slight predominance of the proportion of women among the users. However, this does not distort the trend. In the case of mobile websites presenting weather information, we have no doubt that they are more often visited by women. In all cases presented, they constitute a percentage of the majority in use.

In terms of age, the people most interested in the weather forecast are people aged 31-50. It turns out that they check the weather almost twice as often as the users of other age groups in total. In applications the weather is mostly checked by people aged 31-35, while on mobile websites 41-50.
In terms of behavioral profiles, the largest group are travelers (over 10% of all analyzed users).


The most popular application for checking weather forecast in Poland is Accuweather. It is used by Poles going abroad as well as foreigners coming to Poland. As for the Polish application - ICM Meteo is most frequently used. Polish smartphone users check the weather forecast on mobile websites such as weather.wp.pl. Interestingly, Poles who travel abroad often use the mobile site - TVN Meteo.

Below you can find the information from the research in the form of infographics.

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