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Selectivv Academy #3 - data in marketing

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EDIT: In order to provide the best knowledge at the most convenient time, we decided to postpone the event to the 18th of November, 2020. We hope that this date will be suitable for you.


The next edition of the Selectivv Academy training will take place at the beginning of November. Its first two editions were highly appreciated by the participants. What are these workshops about? In what form will they be held and what topics will be covered? We will introduce it in this article.

In this post you will learn:


  1. What is Selectivv Academy training?
  2. What kind of knowledge will be passed and by whom?
  3. What additional benefits can you get from training?
  4. How did the previous editions go?
  5. How to participate in the November Selectivv Academy?



The Selectivv Academy

Selectivv Academy course is a training prepared for professionals who want to better understand and use location data in their projects. During the course, we discuss digital marketing issues related to advertising for smartphones.

The course will consist of two parts which will alternate. One of them will be the theoretical basis, which will introduce the participants to the principles of mobile marketing based on location data. Co-CEO of Selectivv, Dominik Karbowski, will present how our organization collects and analyzes data, thus creating profiles of smartphone users. It is thanks to these data and our solutions that the advertising campaigns we conduct for our clients are extremely precise and are characterized by high conversion. The second part of the training is discussing specific case studies with the head of the performance department, Michał Gąś.



Benefits of participation

In addition to substantive knowledge, the participant will gain access to previously unpublished materials. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to obtain certification confirming participation in the training, as well as acquire competence in the field of mobile marketing. We also offer mentoring assistance from Selectivv in future marketing activities.


Previous editions

Both the first and second editions were appreciated by participants who would recommend Selectivv Academy to their friends (the training reached over 50% NPS). The training also met the expectations of all participants.



How to take part?

To participate in Selectivv Academy # 3 - data in marketing, all you need to do is register via the online form. The training will take the form of an interactive webinar. Please visit the Selectivv Academy website, as well as the Facebook event if you don't want to miss any news about the course.

Selectivv Academy # 3 will be held on Wednesday, November 4.




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