Ukraińcy w Polsce - jesień 2022 r. Raport Selectivv Data Tank

Ze względu na wojnę liczba Ukraińców w Polsce wzrosła o blisko 2 mln. W raporcie Selectivv Data Tank poza danymi demograficznymi przedstawiamy unikalne analizy na temat codziennego życia społeczności ukraińskiej - poziomu zamożności oraz odwiedzalności najpopularniejszych galerii handlowych w Polsce.

Raport "Ukraińcy w Polsce" jest już dostępny do pobrania.

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What does our report - Ukrainians in Poland contain?

The report - Ukrainians in Poland in March and April 2022 is a comprehensive set of data on the Ukrainian population in the country. Due to the war in Ukraine, the number of Ukrainians in Poland increased by nearly 2 million. We explore this topic in our publication, which additionally contains data on the level of footfall of the most popular shopping malls in Poland.

Table of Contents

  • The number of Ukrainians in Poland,
  • Number of arrivals to Poland,
  • Behavior of visitors,
  • Number of Ukrainian citizens in selected shopping malls,
  • Analysis of the profiles of Ukrainian users residing in Poland.

Ukrainians in Poland - important data

The Selectivv Data Tank team prepared and analyzed large amounts of data about users from Ukraine, which allowed us to create comprehensive research. The research includes, among others, an index going couple of years back, the number of visits to shopping malls, and demographic profiles of mobile users from Ukraine residing in Poland.

“Based on the data we have collected, it can be seen that shopping malls are not a priority location for people who have recently arrived from Ukraine. In the long-term context, these behaviors will probably change (along with the length of stay in Poland), for which the shopping malls should be prepared now. Therefore, we recommend carrying out proper communication activities so that they reach this potentially large group of recipients" - comments Marcin Augustyniak, Client Director of the Data Tank team at Selectivv.

Download the report now and see the latest and most accurate data on the market. The data from the report is extensively commented on in the press and nationwide programs, as well as on specialist portals.

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