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What does enable our solution? What is it about and characterized by? What are the benefits of using it?

Based on the prevalence of smartphones and the use of available technologies, we can gain a lot of valuable information. Among other things, learn the demographic and behavioral profile of a selected group of users, analyze event participants, plan and report marketing activities, including footfall analysis.

The solutions prepared and used by us allow for the collection of data about users of mobile devices, their in-depth analysis and effective use. Database, including information about 121 million users in Central and Eastern Europe, including 14 million in Poland, is the basis of the company’s activities.

Selectivv – Data collection

The Geotrapping® solution enables broad and precise targeting in marketing as well as comprehensive and detailed research. It is a tool that gives access to information about users visiting given locations. Thanks to it, we can display the ad to the group of interest to us a day, week or month later after it was present in the location of interest to us. This has a huge advantage, because people who participate in the specific event, fair or concert do not always have time or the opportunity to read the advertisement right away. They will have a greater inclination to learn about it, for example, resting at home in the evening.

Selectivv – Geotrapping® 

So if we are interested in information, e.g. how long the customer stayed in the store or how the conference participant moved around the event area, we can use Wifitrapping. The installation of small measuring devices in the tested location allows the collection of interesting facts about the participants – without the need to involve them.

The Selectivv Viewer solution is a SaaS solution that meets both marketing and research expectations. In advertising, commerce, shopping malls, finance, real estate, FMCG, car dealerships, public sector etc. Another advantage is that it can be applied at any stage of the project – be it at the beginning, during, at the end or after implementation – everything depending on the needs. For example, in the case of commercial facilities, you can analyze customers – both your own and competitors; In the real estate or public sector, it can be invaluable to check the location potential when planning an investment. The tool is also useful in continuous operations – monitoring – it shows changes over time (number and characteristics of users present in selected locations).

Selectivv – Selectivv Viewer 2.0 

What is our competitive advantage?

The advantage is provided by extensive experience in operating on mobile data and its implementation in various industries, projects and many markets. 12 advertising products and 17 research products in the basic offers and the endless possibility of personalization speak for themselves. Only in the 2019 years Our team completed more than 1,300 marketing campaigns and 45 complex analyzes for the public sector and corporate and private clients.

Selectivv – Advertising and research results for 2019

Who is responsible for creating the solution?

The creation and development of these solutions was and still is a multi-stage process. Most of the tasks related to the design, execution and implementation are performed by our team. For larger, more demanding projects, when there is a lot of work and time is short, we also use the services of external entities.

What caused the most difficulties in building our solution?

Time and complexity are the biggest challenges. Considering also that the services we create are innovative, their implementation often requires concentration, commitment and creativity. In the case of new solutions, sometimes it becomes problematic to establish appropriate cooperation. However, our team is lucky that we can always count on the trust of customers who were not afraid to take on new challenges.

What are the subscription forms for using the service?

The cost of using our solutions depends on the client’s needs. The operation and functionalities of the discussed tools depend on factors such as, for example, the number of locations, the scope of information that we want to obtain or use, time of campaign or data collection, tools used, etc.

What are the plans for further development?

Today we are working on developing applied solutions and passing on knowledge. On June 4, the first edition of Selectivv Academy took place – training courses prepared for professionals who want to better understand and use location data in their projects. Our team pays attention to more and more customers and to providing more complex and comprehensive solutions. More and more projects include long-term service.

How do we rate the martech industry in Poland?

Looking at the “Martech Landscape” for 2019, we can see how extensive the Polish martech market is. The crisis situation, which in many companies accelerated the digitization process, is for many of the martech brands a unique situation for rapid development.

A part of the industry that is the field of our interests are advertising and promotional solutions as well as those related to the collection and analysis of data. Both today and in the coming months, the use of digital marketing opportunities, including solutions for smartphones and tablets, will give us the opportunity to maintain business and recover after the crisis. Many companies, especially those from the B2B segment, lost strategic points of acquiring and maintaining customer relationships overnight. Large industry events, such as fairs and conferences, have been canceled. Meetings are held via online tools. The use of many goods and services in the current form has become impossible or redundant. In both mobile marketing and data acquisition / use, we see great potential and the need for unconventionality.

What are the most important trends in martech by our opinion?

From our perspective, the trend is certainly to collect and analyze data effectively and its constantly growing use. In the era of popularization of smartphones and greater mobility of advertising recipients, we face even more information almost every day. Their number exceeds human analytical capabilities, which is why data science is becoming increasingly popular. In marketing, they include artificial intelligence, algorithms and applications. By using them, we can effectively aggregate and profile data, and then use it in many areas.

The great changes and challenges that have arisen this year in connection with the epidemic also cannot be ignored. A quick transition from offline to online has proven important for many companies. The key was to implement digital channels sales of goods and services, and thus the selective choice of tools that allow for real needs.

The key trend may turn out to be the ability to determine the minimum necessary to operate effectively here and now, and to gradually implement additional solutions.

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