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Ustawienie GA4 na Twojej stronie internetowej [czerwiec 2023 r.]

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Wraz z końcem czerwca Google Analytics całkowicie przekształci się w GA4, co oznacza rewolucję w dotychczasowym zasadach do śledzenia ruchu na swojej stronie internetowej. Czy Twoja firma jest gotowa na zmiany?

Google Analytics is an essential tool that allows you to precisely analyze statistics and user behavior on the website. Correct and complete configuration of Google Analytics is necessary because later, based on the data flowing from it, we will make decisions about our company and specific products.

Selectivv specialists have created a free ebook, containing a set of the necessary information to provide thorough knowledge on the use of Google Analytics. The study includes content in the configuration of the Google Analytics service, settings on the website, Google Analytics settings directly in the website code, GA4 code settings using GTM, and checking the correctness of inserting the code on the website.

Our guide will comprehensively prepare you to transition from a function that will cease to function in 2023. Read the instructions that will allow you to implement GA4 on your website.

About GA4

Classic Google Analytics is undergoing a makeover. GA4 enables everything, and even much more than Universal Analytics (already known on internet forums as the "old GA"), which makes the service different from the previous one - not only in terms of the interface but also in user tracking. What will you get as part of the new service?

  • Machine learning algorithms accompany data. The artificial intelligence developed by Google will help us discover more. These algorithms sort users by value and conversion probability and fill data gaps where privacy settings block them. Predictive data is available.
  • More detailed information about the user's interaction with the website between devices. GA4 will focus on page events and interactions that will also be available on a large scale.
  • Focus on the future and resistance to changes. With user privacy regulations and the growing ban on cookies, GA4 is designed to operate independently of these issues through data modeling.
Install GA4 on your website

Check out all the scientific materials prepared by our specialists in the Knowledge Center.

About Selectivv

Selectivv has its own DMP platform, under which we analyze and profile data on 14 million mobile of mobile devices in Poland. We use this information to implement campaigns and reach the right groups of users in precisely defined locations with the advertisement.

We constantly cooperate with the country's largest media houses and advertising agencies. We also provide services for individual clients. Our portfolio includes commercial projects implemented for retail chains, mobile operators, financial institutions, global brands, and the public sector.

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