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How many Ukrainians came to Poland? Over 2 million more Ukrainian citizens than last year

ukraińców przyjechało do polski

The war in Ukraine forced our eastern neighbors to emigrate. We examined how many Ukrainians came to Poland in March this year after the Russian aggression against Ukraine began. We also compared these data with the previous year.

How many Ukrainians have come to Poland?

Thanks to our proprietary tools and Selectivv research specialists, we determined the number of Ukrainians coming to Poland in March 2022. In March, the total number of Ukrainian citizens in Poland exceeded 3.4 million. This is over 2 million higher than in the previous year.

We noted that over 2.5 million Ukrainians came to Poland in March alone, while a year earlier in March, it was only slightly over 75,000.

ilu ukraińców przyjechało do Polski

Since we already know how many Ukrainians came to Poland, distinguishing those who stayed and left for other countries is worth distinguishing. According to the survey, over 86% of Ukrainians who came to Poland in March '22 stay in Poland. The rest, less than 14%, emigrate. These data do not take into account people returning to their homeland.

ilu ukraińców przyjechało do Polski

We invite you to read the Wyborcza article about our research.

Data Tank specialists performed the study at Selectivv. The research period covered the entire month of March 2022. People referred to as Ukrainians coming to Poland are people without needing to stay at least 30 days in Poland because you cannot notice. These are the numbers of users meeting the AU criteria during the study period.

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