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With digital marketing you will finally achieve your business goals

Gain an advantage over the companies with whom you are fighting for a position on the market. We will help you with this. We will use our entire base and mobile marketing technology. We know remarkably much about mobile users - you won't believe that’s even possible. We collect all data in compliance with GDPR and use them for the profit of our clients. We create ads that target the right place precisely, and it works!

Implementation of advertising campaigns for over 400 brands from 20 countries

Combining digital marketing with outdoor campaigns

Signature, extensive database with over 350,000 apps and 17,000,000 mobile websites

Check the power of our digital marketing

The campaign was awarded as "Best marketing campaign” at Mobile Trends Awards 2018. We addressed it to automotive enthusiasts and event participants. Each of them spent an average of 30 seconds watching our creation.
BP station
We reached BP customers, customers of competitive stations, and users of related applications with the advertising message. We built a database of people who clicked on the ad to use it in subsequent ads for BP.
Austrian Tourist Information
We conducted the first campaign in Poland that combined mobile marketing with outdoor advertising. The campaign reached 300,000 users who had previously seen a DOOH ad.

Original marketing tools that you can find only in our agency

We offer you something more than standard marketing tools, available almost everywhere. We created solutions that work well on the Polish market and internationally. We use them for our clients for over six years. We utilize effective, more widely available tools in our actions but enrich them with original gems. In this way, we increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

We combine online and offline data. We show ads to people who have visited specific locations in the past. This is how we reach users with remarketing, but not only that. We also identify new customers who may be interested in specific services and products.
We developed our technology that enables automated buying of advertising space. Through it, we can place ads in any mobile application that makes it possible and on countless mobile websites.
Database on mobile users
In our Data Management Platform, you will find over 60 user profiles built based on mobile and location data. Thanks to this, ad targeting becomes more precise than ever. In this way, we reach users of applications and websites that do not provide advertising space on their websites.

Mobile marketing based on solid mobile identifiers

Third-party cookies are slowly becoming history. And that's good because there is a much more effective way to get to know mobile users better. Our Selectivv DMP database is a great treasury of knowledge. We target ads based on mobile advertising ID. The target group selected based on mobile data is much more precise. The difference is significant: 92% accuracy compared to 50% for cookies.

Is it not enough for you? How about supporting your marketing campaign with dedicated Big Data research?

When conducting digital marketing, we go one step further. We research smartphone and tablet users. In this way, we can provide you with invaluable data about your customers, your competitors' targets, the potential of a given location, and much more.

Marketing Agency Warsaw

We have over 4,000 completed marketing campaigns behind us. Time for yours!

Join global brands that already work with us. Take advantage of all the digital marketing solutions we've built with businesses like yours in mind. With us, you will get your advertisement exactly where you have the best chance to sell your product or service!

Our answers for FAQs

How does our digital marketing agency bill advertising campaigns?
We offer several billing models: CPC (cost per click on an ad); CPM (cost 1,000 impressions); CPL (cost of acquiring a sales lead); CPI (cost of installing the application); CPA (the price of a specific action performed by the user).
How long should the advertising campaign last, and how much does it cost?
Ideally, ads should be displayed for at least one month, and it is worth allocating a minimum of PLN 10,000 per month for this purpose. Meeting these requirements means that we can provide our clients with an outstanding return on investment.
Do we share mobile marketing data from our database?
We don’t share our data. We carry out campaigns for clients ourselves. We keep you informed about the ads, and after the campaign is complete, we provide you with a report.
How is Geotargeting different from Geotrapping®?
Geotargeting takes real-time location data into account. At the same time, Geotrapping® provides information about the places visited by a given user in the past.
Marketing agency Warsaw - why Selectivv?
We run campaigns based on precise user segments that we constantly update. We don’t burn through the advertising budget.
Where can you find out more about digital marketing, mobile advertising, and user analytics?
Check out our blog and the Knowledge Center. If you do not find what you are looking for there, please contact us immediately for more information and individual recommendations.