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We conduct comprehensive market research. We analyze mobile data from smartphones and tablets that accompany your clients almost every moment. In this way, we learn about consumer behavior, which you can safely use in your promotional activities. We comply with GDPR, and the user profiles created by us are being constantly updated. Thanks to that, the acquisition of clients and making right business decisions becomes easier than ever. Check it out.

Our own user database of over 350,000 applications and 17,000,000 mobile websites

Mobile data combined with location data reveal specific behaviors

Extensive Points of Interest database. Thanks to it you can reach locations all around the world

Check how our research for companies

Tourist traffic research
We identified the distribution of tourist traffic and seasonal trends in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. We have also developed a dashboard that analyzes the behavior of tourists in this region on an ongoing basis.
Analysis of shopping center customers
We determined the profile of clients of the shopping mall and competitive facilities. On this basis, we have planned advertising campaigns.
Analysis of the population flow in Warsaw
We examined the traffic intensity in Warsaw and the directions of the population flow. This makes it possible to plan profitable communication investments.

Mobile data is the future of marketing

According to research, in 2020 even 3.5 billion people worldwide were smartphone users. When we add to this number people who use tablets, we will see how huge the marketing potential of the mobile channel is. Customers are 35 times more likely to click on mobile messages than on e-mails, and they carry their smartphones with them practically everywhere. This is the advantage of mobile data over other sources of information about consumers. 

We work more efficiently than cookies

The world is slowly saying goodbye to third-party cookies. The accuracy of the data obtained from this channel is estimated at 50%. Not so much, right? We are ready to completely opt-out of third-party cookies and rely on mobile identifiers. The profiles we create remain valid for up to 2 years. This is because instead of relying solely on the websites you visit, we take it a step further. We also analyse the physical behavior of users using location data.

We also have ready-made mobile data analyzes for you

Our offer is largely the sum of proprietary solutions. We validated them on the markets of 20 countries, including Poland.


We check and characterize users who have visited selected locations in the past. Thanks to this, we select groups of people to whom it is worth targeting advertising and remarketing campaigns. We also learn about places where it would be good to place outdoor advertising or invest in.

DMP database

In the Data Management Platform, we collect valuable information about mobile users from all over the world. We analyze, among others demographic and location data, language, browser data, and categories of applications and websites used. In this way, we have built over 60 user-profiles and an extensive Point of Interest database.

Do you need more?

We also offer advanced digital marketing. We will help you to effectively use the data obtained in the research. We will create a digital campaign for you, focused on effective acquisition of new clients. We will target it to a precisely selected group of users. We will also support your outdoor activities.

Marketing Agency Warsaw

We will help you create customers’ behavior

By defining and getting to know your target group in detail, you will be able to successfully convince them to take specific actions. Whether you care about sales, want to promote your brand among the right people, or are looking for the best location for your business - we have a solution for you.

Our answers for FAQs

Which industries most often order our research and analysis?
We work with clients from all possible industries. In terms of research and analysis, these are mainly: public sector institutions, shopping centers, retail stores, e-commerce, tourism and transportation companies, restaurants, FMCG, and automotive.
Do we obtain mobile data following European law?
Yes, we comply with the requirements of RODO and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), i.e. the EU data protection regulation. We provide anonymous user profiles based on their online and offline behavior. We do not violate their rights and privacy.
In what form do we deliver research results to companies?
We prepare a report with the results obtained. Depending on the order, we include the data of interest to the company, including demography, characteristics of interests, traffic distribution.
How is Geotargeting different from Geotrapping®?
Geotargeting is based on the users’ current location, and Geotrapping® provides information about places they have visited in the past.
How accurately does Geotrapping® technology work?
The accuracy of Geotrapping® is from 2 to 4 meters. We collect data inside a designated area, a specific location. It may be, inter alia, airport, train station, shopping center, gas station, service point, or restaurant.
Where are business research and mobile data more widely described?
Check out our Knowledge Center, download the free materials we share, or visit our blog. Also, remember that our team will be happy to advise you on the best research solutions. Just contact us.