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Reach campaign will promote your brand on a large scale

If potential customers do not know that your brand exists, they will not even come up with the idea to buy something from you. This is what the reach campaigns are for. We address it to as many precisely selected groups of users as possible. Only those who may want to buy something from you. Such activities in conjunction with performance marketing build concrete sales. Check it out for yourself.

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The use of proprietary Geotrapping®, which you will not get in any other company
Ads with an international reach, very memorable
Budget savings thanks to advanced user profiling

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What exactly does the Reach Campaign cover?

We are experts in the field of display and mobile advertising. We have developed our own way of purchasing advertising space in applications and on mobile websites. It gives you a significant advantage. We can present your company exactly as your customers like it!
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Reach campaign will promote your brand on a large scale
Advertising on the Internet

We create static and rich media ads, matching the nature of the advertised company. We usually publish them in multiple channels at the same time. At the same time, we make sure that the frequency of displaying it to a specific person is balanced. We don't want to tire her out or let her forget about the brand quickly. Your ads will be where customers are, i.e. in applications, on websites, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, in Google, Bing or Yandex.

Outdoor ads

We study the potential of individual outdoor advertising locations for even better results. We will determine where is the best place to place outdoor advertising. We built own POI (Point of Interest) database covering countries from all over the world. We know which locations are most frequently visited by your potential customers. POIs in combination with Geotrapping® extend and may even replace outdoor campaigns.

Offer for agencies and media houses

If you run an advertising agency or media house yourself, you will be able to offer your clients even more opportunities with our services. Your business value will grow exponentially.

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Strengthen your company's position on the market

An advertising campaign is a way to increase brand awareness. Thanks to that, your business will no longer be unknown to the customer. It will increase its popularity in the market. Even more important, it will gain greater access to the people it addresses its offer.

Positive associations, built thanks to the reach campaigns, facilitate subsequent sales. The general tendency is that we have more confidence in the brands we know. A well-known brand has a chance to appear in the customers’ minds when they think about a specific need. From there, a purchase is very straightforward.

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Build wisely the image and reach of your brand

Show your company’s good side to as many potential clients as possible. Order the Selectivv Reach Campaign and build solid foundations for sales.

Our answers for FAQs

What is the difference between a reach campaign and an efficiency campaign?

The reach campaign is primarily aimed at building brand awareness. It informs about its existence as many people as possible who may be interested in its offer. The efficiency advertising campaign is focused on conversion (e.g. sales, getting contact to the customer, receiving a query from him).

Do you need a reach campaign at this point?

If you want your advertising message to reach a huge number of users, then the reach model is for you.

What are the settlements of the advertising campaign?

Advertising on the Internet can be billed in various models, incl. CPC - the cost of each click on the ad; CPM - cost per thousand impressions; CPA - cost of a specific action taken by the user. We adjust the type of billing to the requirements of a specific campaign.

Will we sign a contract before starting cooperation?

We draw up a contract in which we place the most important obligations and terms of cooperation.

Is ordering a quote tantamount to starting cooperation?

No. The quote is not binding on you in any way. Only signing the contract is the confirmation of the cooperation.

Where can you find more information about advertising campaigns?

You can contact us and get answers to your possible doubts or visit our blog where we share our knowledge.