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Tourist traffic research

We conduct local and international research on tourist traffic. We use passive and declarative methods of studying tourism, which give a complete picture of it. Our Selectivv DMP database contains data from 350,000 mobile applications and 17,000,000 websites. Adding geolocation and polls data to that, we have the complete research strategy. We characterize not only traffic but also tourists. In a nutshell, we provide reliable data so that you have a greater impact on directing tourist traffic to the places you care about.

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Original Geotrapping® technology to collect data on people visiting specific locations
An extensive Data Management Platform database on mobile users from different countries. Data up to 2 years back
Extensive Point of Interest database with over 40 categories

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Advanced methods of tourist traffic research

We integrate data from smartphones and tablets with location data. In this way, our analyses include online behavior and actual behavior in the offline world. We have an extensive Point of Interest database, Geotrapping® technology and the Selectivv DMP database you get only with us. This is a huge dose of knowledge about the locations that were visited by mobile users in the past (up to 2 years ago) and about their characteristics. Are you interested in Poles abroad, foreigners in Poland, or maybe tourists choosing seaside towns? We can explore this and much more for you.

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Tourist traffic research
Tourist traffic research

We determine how tourists move in a given region. We check where they come from, how long they stay, and the intensity and structure of traffic. Which tourist points are the most popular and which are ignored.

Characteristics of tourists

We analyze the demographics of tourists, their opinions, preferences, and behaviors. We check what they are interested in and what they expect from tourist offers. We provide anonymous profiles that illustrate the main trends observed in a given group.

Comparisons between groups

We are able to compare different groups of tourists with each other. We provide information on users who choose competitors instead of your offer. We also identify the similarities and differences between individual groups.

Dashboard tailored to your needs

We also provide a comprehensive dashboard that presents the tourist traffic of a given region on an ongoing basis. We have already created such a solution for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Lublin, and Poznań cities. Up-to-date data make it possible to evaluate and constantly improve tourist offers in a reliable way.

Sprawdź realne możliwości naszych badań

You will learn with us the expectations of tourists and attract them

We help to improve the quality of tourist services that you offer. You can consciously develop services by knowing the level of declared satisfaction with the offer and real expectations.

We will facilitate the promotion of the tourist offer among the appropriate group of recipients. We will reach new customers and adjust the advertising message to those the brand has already acquired once.

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Improve your tourism policy

Thanks to our research and analysis, you will know how to attract tourists and increase their satisfaction. This way, you will build brand loyalty faster.

Our answers for FAQs

Does our tourism research respect European law?

We conduct research following the regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We protect the personal data of the analyzed group, and the analyzes we provide are anonymous. They reflect specific behaviors, tendencies, and characteristics but it’s impossible to identify a particular person.

What are passive and declarative research?

Declarative research requires the involvement of tourists, filling in a questionnaire or a form. In this way, we get to know their declarations and opinions. Passive research does not involve them and is unbiased. These data include geolocation, used applications, pages viewed, or smartphone models, among others.

How large groups of tourists do we reaserch?

The size of the research sample depends on the needs of a specific order. We analyze local, sub-regional and supra-regional tourism. How large groups of tourists do we research?

Do we also conduct research on foreign tourism?

Yes. We operate in over 20 countries. Thanks to this, we characterize the tourist traffic generated by Poles abroad, foreigners in Poland, and tourists in various other parts of the world.

Do we conduct tourism research only for tourist offices?
Not. Our clients are companies from the broadly defined the tourism industry and local governments. We cooperate with tourist offices and information, guides, event organizers, hotels, restaurants, and other organizations.
Where will you broaden your knowledge about tourism research and tourists?

We share our knowledge in blog articles and materials in the Knowledge Center. By contacting us, you will learn about an offer dedicated to your business. We’re waiting for you.