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Footfall research

We conduct research based on online and offline data. We define the number of visitors to specific places, where they come from and develop their profiles. On this basis, we are able to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and sales effectiveness. We make reliable measurements and comparisons of the competition. The Footfall report that we are developing is a solid basis for planning further marketing activities.

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We use mobile and data location
We create behavioral profiles of smartphone and tablet users
We use mobile identifiers

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An innovative approach with Footfall research

We conduct a survey on the number of visitors to an offline point. We analyze the behavior of offline users. We integrate offline location data with mobile data. In this way, in addition to the Footfall numbers, we also provide advanced customer characteristics.

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Footfall research
Footfall research + monitoring

We examine the number of visitors to given facilities and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They include users who visited the Customer's points:

  • after the ad is displayed
  • after clicking on the ad
  • regardless of the campaign
  • in a one-off or continuous manner
Customer analysis

We provide an analysis of 10 demographic and behavioral client profiles. Thanks to that, you will learn more about the behavior of your potential customers in the online and offline spaces. We also define places other than yours that users visit and where they come from.

Footfall research report

The report contains detailed data and analysis of visitors to specific locations, along with 10 profiles of customers. We also compare the results of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns: before, during, and after their completion. We analyze the impact of advertising creations on the number of visitors to the surveyed locations. It's a reliable base to plan further marketing activities.

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Footfall report enables converting visitors into customers

We will compare the results of your store or a shop with the effects of competing companies. Using Geotrapping® we can characterize the clients of the competition. We identify the places from which they reach the examined location.

We will provide data on the effectiveness of your company's marketing activities. We will combine Footfall research with visits results. This is how we determine the actual conversion. Only the ratio of the campaign results to the number of visitors shows the brand promotion’s effectiveness.

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Grow number of your visitors

You will get something more than a summary of the number of people visiting your business from us. You will receive an analysis of specific phenomena and places from which your customers come to you. We can determine if you need more traffic-driven or sales-increasing activities.

Our answers for FAQs

Is our Footfall research compliant with European law?

We collect all data following the law. We comply with the provisions of the RODO and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which regulate personal data protection requirements. Deloitte Consulting SS (2017) has unqualifiedly verified our data collection and use method.

How long does a Footfall study take?

The period of research depends on individual arrangements. We take into account the duration of the campaign. We research the period before, during, and after the campaign.

Will consumers have to get involved in the Footfall reaserch?

Your clients will not be involved in collecting data in any way. It will not require any action from them.

Is it possible to access Footfall results in real time?

Yes. We have already completed orders, where we displayed statistics to clients regularly. They had access to the current paths of people visiting a given place.

Does ordering a quote mean placing an order for a Footfall study?

No. The valuation is non-binding. After accepting it, we sign the order and proceed to the research.

Where to find knowledge about Footfall?
We describe the Footfall study on our blog. We also share the results and conclusions of the Big Data research in the Knowledge Center. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know what possibilities Footfall offers specifically to your brand.