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We increase the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns

We complement outdoor campaigns with well-thought-out online activities. We optimize outdoor advertisements at every stage of their creation. We check which location will benefit your brand the most. We enhance outdoor campaigns with digital advertisements. We also investigate the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. In this way, we enrich outdoor advertising with the measurability that they so lack.

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Our proprietary Geotrapping® technology
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Advanced marketing in real-time

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Do you think that outdoor advertising doesn't allow you to measure the effects of the campaign and its optimization? You're right, but we know a way to do that. More precisely, as many as four methods for measuring and improving outdoor advertising.

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We increase the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns
Outdoor advertising location potential

We help to choose the right location for outdoor advertising. We analyze mobile users who visit given locations. We check where the most potential customers of a given brand are. Changing positions can significantly increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Outdoor campaigns continued on smartphones

Outdoor advertising is not enough for us. With your advertisement, we reach people near the specific LED screen or billboard. We show them the creation used in the outdoor campaign or present its extended version.

Outdoor campaigns on LED carriers

We provide a higher level of marketing automation in real-time. We adjust the content of advertisements displayed on LED carriers depending on the profile of people who are nearby at the moment. Our data on mobile users makes it possible.

Measuring the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns

We provide accurate data on the effects of outdoor advertising. We examine the scope of the campaign and characterize its recipients. We define their demographics and create behavioral profiles to be used in subsequent marketing campaigns.

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We combined mobile and outdoor campaigns as first in the country

We will direct online advertising to users in a specific location. We will heighten the power of your external marketing in real-time. This way, the potential customer will see both ads in a short time.

We will reach people who are commuting. We will show the ad to users who have previously seen its outdoor version. After a few hours, we can do it the next day, a week, or any other time.

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Our answers for FAQs

How do we bill mobile campaigns?

Depending on the type of campaign, we charge based on: CPM (number of views), CPC (number of clicks), CPI (number of application installations), CPL (number of sales leads obtained), CPA (number of other actions performed by the recipient).

How long should social media campaigns last?

One month is the minimum to optimize it profitably. During this time, we select the best advertising creation and determine the rest of the key criteria.

Do we share our user data?
No. We ourselves direct our ads to the appropriate target groups and specific places. We operate in the managed-service model.
What's better, Geotargeting or Geotrapping®?

It depends on the business goals of the advertising campaign. Geotargeting reaches users who are currently staying in a given location or will visit it in the future. Geotrapping®, on the other hand, is aimed at people who have already been to a given place.

Can you resign after receiving a free valuation?

Yes. The valuation is non-binding. We prepare it individually, considering the range of services you need.

Where can I learn how to optimize my outdoor campaigns?

We share knowledge with you on the blog and in the Knowledge Center. We also invite you to contact us. We will present a valuation and optimization strategy tailored to your business.