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Get to know the data about foreigners

We collect information about the actual number of inhabitants of cities and towns, which are of great importance in managing an administrative unit. The significant and growing number of foreigners in Poland means that the value of knowledge about their population and countries of origin is increasing. It is worth taking an interest in analyzing users of mobile devices.

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Original Geotrapping® technology to collect data on people visiting specific locations
An extensive Data Management Platform database on mobile users from different countries. Data up to 2 years back
Extensive Point of Interest database with over 40 categories

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A detailed analysis of the number and characteristics of foreigners

Based on the mobile data from the Selectivv database, it is possible to analyze the number of foreigners, determine their countries of origin, determine residence zones or profiles depending on, for example, the length of stay

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Get to know the data about foreigners
Characteristics of foreigners

In the extended option, it is also possible to test foreigners according to their employment habits related to spending free time, mobility, or education.

Constant monitoring of the study
An important element of the project is also its continuity, i.e., constant monitoring of the studied population and observation of changes over time , which will allow for flexible adaptation of the policy of the authorities of a given administrative unit to the changing realities in the number and behavior of foreigners residing in the studied area.
Questionnaire research

It is possible to send invitations to participate in the survey, conduct interviews with foreigners living/staying in a given area, and collect declarative data.

Good customer knowledge is essential

Know your customers. An accurate test report allows you to easily read the results and create research analyzes based on data valid for a given day.

Research on foreigners will allow you to improve your activities

We create the opportunity to get to know the recipients of your company, not only from Poland. With the help of proprietary technologies, we will determine where the visitors from your chosen place are from.

We have a pervasive Point of Interest database. It allows for a detailed analysis of the offline behavior of all mobile users, including foreigners. 

We can perform a research based on data up to 2 years back. It will allow you to learn about and measure specific trends and changes.

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Expand your knowledge about foreigners

Our research on foreigners will allow you to learn about people visiting the places of your choice. Thanks to the research analysis, we will adjust the appropriate campaign strategy that will most benefit you.

Our answers for FAQs

Is our population movement survey compliant with the GDPR?
We follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) when carrying out our population movement and traffic survey. The data we collect is anonymous and does not violate personal rights.
How extensive consumer research are we able to conduct?
Thanks to modern technologies and our extensive database of mobile user profiling, we carry out large-scale research efficiently. We examine the influential research group you need. We work with local companies, local governments, and international enterprises.
How precise Geotrapping® is?

Our technology achieves accuracy from 2 to 4 meters. We collect data inside the designated area. It can be, for example, a train station, airport, gas station, shopping center, or any other location.

Do we run advertising campaigns based on data from our research?

Yes, in addition to research, we also specialize in digital advertising campaigns. We promote investments, events, and offers of companies from various industries.

Can I also order an advertising campaign targeted at specific customer groups?

Yes, we implement precise digital advertising campaigns to target users. We can target them to specific locations, mobile applications, competitors' customers, or people who have visited the place in the past. We can consider demographics, shopping habits, interests, pages saw and much more. We create display ads and rich media tailored to a specific target group.

Where can you learn more about opinion polls and Big Data?
We share this knowledge on the blog , share materials and reports at Knowledge Center . If, however, you need to consult a specialist for solutions for your business, write to us or call us.