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The best way to get to know applications’ users

We reach users of every mobile application . We help brands whose potential customers use various apps. We analyze their behavior in the virtual and real world. Our reports have become the basis for the profitable promotional activities of the world's largest brands. Now it's your turn to benefit.

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Own, constantly updated database of Data Management Platform
Mobile data from over 350,000 applications and 17,000,000 websites
User profiles valid for up to 2 years

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In-depth analysis of application users

Demographics data about potential clients is not enough. That is why we conduct extensive analyzes on a huge amount of data.

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The best way to get to know applications’ users
Profiling application users
We carry out psychographic analysis and derive data from our own current database of mobile DMP users. We integrate mobile and location data. We also analyze offline behavior. User profiles contain information about demographics, interests, installed applications, place and time of their launch, needs, and motivation.
Competition analysis on the application market
We check how a given application is positioned on the market . The analysis of the competition and its audience allows you to stand out and offer something more. Your competitors' customers are, most often, your target group. The data we provided will help optimize the application and plan advertising campaigns targeted at competitors' customers.

Research report

The result of the research is a report. It includes psychographic characteristics, number of users using the application, analysis of their activity, and actual behavior, among others. We can forecast trends and identify the strengths of the application and those that require refinement. In a word, we get to know users’ intentions, because they are the key to success in sales.

Sprawdź, w czym pomagają profile użytkowników

We find out what is really important to users

We are ahead of cookies. We rely primarily on mobile identifiers. As you may know, third-party cookies will lose Google’s support. On the other hand, mobile IDs provide much more precise and long-term (valid up to 2 years) data.

We make it easy to understand mobile apps users. We check how and how frequent they use certain application. We analyse time and place of launch, their device type, and much more.

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We will help you achieve greater influence on the application market, and not only there

Stay ahead of your competitors. With us, you check who your potential clients are. You will learn what motivates them to buy or use your application. This way you will be able to bring your marketing to a higher level of effectiveness.

Our answers for FAQs

Does our analysis of mobile users comply with European law?

We collect data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We comply with the requirements of personal data protection. We do not collect personal data. The analyzes are completely anonymous.

From which mobile devices do we obtain data from?

Mobile data comes from smartphones and tablets. These are devices that the respondents usually have with them, so we can also learn about their offline behavior through them.

What metrics does the app user analysis take into account?

We select indicators for the purposes of user research. Basic statistics concern the psychographic profile, retention, active sessions, DAU (Daily Active Users) - the number of active users per day, MAU (Monthly Active Users) - the number of active users within 30 days/month.

Do we also run advertising campaigns targeted at application users?
Yes. We prepare, implement and optimize mobile advertising . We can target them to specific applications. We reach users who use applications that do not provide advertising space through other advertising channels.
When ordering a quote, do you agree to conduct user research?

No. The research is ordered only after the quote has been accepted and all the details have been agreed upon. After reading the costs and terms of our service, you will make your decision.

Where can you learn more about user profiles and their analysis?

We invite you to contact our agency. We will present the possibilities that the analysis of application users gives to your brand. We also cover this topic on our blog.