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Get to know yours and your competitors' Clients

We will perform research about your potential customers, those already acquired, and clients of your competitors. We will determine the actual area of ​​influence of your brand. The consumer research at Selectivv is precise data and in-depth analysis. You will receive a complete analysis of your and your competition customers. Order research and get new consumers.

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Profiling based on data about mobile users from the applications and over 17,000,000 websites
Geotrapping® provides knowledge about the users - their specific interests and where they use the offer.
Extensive Points of Interest database for offline points analysis.

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We will provide you with a detailed research report

We base our consumer research on modern methods: Geotrapping® technology, danych lokalizacyjnych, profilowaniu Selectivv, ankietach mobilnych i analizie Points of Interest. Poznajemy opinie Klientów, ich zainteresowania, oczekiwania i realne działania.

Over six years of research experience has allowed us to develop our proprietary tools that you will not find in any other company. You receive a precise data analysis that you can use for brand development, marketing, and sales.

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Get to know yours and your competitors' Clients
Customer reaserch
We research current and potential brand customers through Geotrapping® technology, location data, and Selectivv profiling. The better you know your target group, the more effectively you attract them to your company. We will deliver a thorough psychographic analysis to you. You will learn not only demographic data but also clients' intentions.
Research about your competition
We check how much competition you have to fight for customers. We analyze mobile users who use competitive offers. There is a limited number of people interested in specific services and products. The more of them choose competing brands, the fewer sales you get. Knowing customers of your competition gives you a chance to win them over for yourself.
Catchment Area
We research users living and working near the company (stationery store, service point, facility, event). We characterize them in terms of wealth, age structure, and other variables necessary for sales success. The Catchment Area will provide information about: Current and potential customers. The number of loyal and occasional consumers. The zone of most significant competition. The actual area of influence of a given facility.
Client’s satisfaction research
We create and implement surveys for mobile devices . We research customer satisfaction with the products and services you offer. Surveys are convenient for users; mobility allows the customer to share his opinion anywhere and anytime. We combine declarative (survey) information with passive data. Customer satisfaction research analyzing his real behavior provides a full picture of the offer's effectiveness. Thanks to this, you can plan its optimization in line with the recipients' expectations.


Mobile data better reflect the complete picture of the customers. After all, mobile devices accompany them almost everywhere. Third-party cookies alone and information about individually visited websites are not enough to thoroughly analyze the group of consumers.

Additionally, Google is withdrawing its support for third-party cookies. We are prepared for it, and we are already using mobile IDs in research and advertising activities.

Sprawdź, jak możesz wykorzystać nasze badanie konsumentów

Consumers’ research is not limited to standard analyzes

We check whether it pays off to open a new point of sale in a location you think of. We examine the potential of a given place. We determine the size and characteristics of this area’s potential customers groups. Additionally, we check the strength and size of your competition there. This way, you will know the potential turnover you can expect in the tested location.

You will learn about the shopping habits and customers’ habits. It will allow you to tailor the advertising message to a specific audience and the way they shop. You will learn where, when, and how to present your offer.

We make it easy for you to reach your competitions’ customers. We will carefully analyze the users who buy from your competitors. We will describe their demographics and prepare behavioral profiles. With this knowledge, you will gain an advantage in the battle for their interest. It is a solid basis for promotional activities.

Build relationships with current customers. You will learn about their opinions and expectations. The development of your offer, taking into account this information, will allow you to gain greater loyalty from the recipients you have already acquired. Keep in mind that acquiring new Clients is much more expensive than maintaining current ones.

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We will help extend the reach of your brand

We provide an analysis of the customers’ composition with their behavioral profiles. We examine the actual area of ​​influence of a given location. On this basis, you will be able to make even more accurate business decisions. Brand promotion among the appropriate group will become more accessible and more effective.

Our answers for FAQs

Is Selectivv's consumer and competition research conducted following the GDPR?
Our research projects follow the requirements contained in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The data we provide is anonymous and does not violate any personal rights. Using them is legal. You cannot identify specific users by name, rather know the general preferences and customers’ behavior.
How precise Geotrapping® is?

The technology offers an accuracy of 2 to 4 m. We target the requested area to collect data. Our clients are often interested in locations such as airports, train stations, shopping centers, competition stores, services, and restaurants. We can provide you with data from any place you choose.

How extensive consumer research are we able to conduct?
Thanks to modern technologies and our extensive database of mobile user profiling, we carry out large-scale research efficiently. We examine the influential research group you need. We work with local companies, local governments, and international enterprises.
What does the catchment area depend on?

Your company's catchment area depends primarily on the nature of its activities, offers, and competing brands located in a given area. These three metrics provide a complete picture of the brand's reach.

Can I also order an advertising campaign targeted at specific customer groups?

Yes. We implement precise, digital advertising campaigns. Targetujemy je do ściśle określonych użytkowników. Mogą to być konkretne lokalizacje (geotargeting), aplikacje mobilne, klienci konkurencji lub osoby, które w przeszłości odwiedziły dane miejsce. Opcji targetowania jest dużo więcej. Możemy wziąć pod uwagę dane demograficzne, zwyczaje zakupowe, zainteresowania, odwiedzane strony i wiele więcej. Tworzymy reklamy displayowe i rich media dopasowane do konkretnej grupy docelowej.

Where can I learn more about customer research and the use of this data in practice?

The research of competition and customers is also a subject of our blog. Also, check out the Knowledge Center, where we provide exclusive insight and selected research results. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need professional advice on your business's consumer research.