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Original Geotrapping® and Geotargeting - a precise way to your customers

Using Geotrapping® and Geotargeting is a way to enter your business to the next level of reaching potential customers. Our location data gives you access to people there today and who have visited them in the past. This allows us to show ads to specific mobile users several hours, a day, or a month after their visit. This way, your chances of completing the sale increase. Use it!

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Proprietary Geotrapping®, which you will not get from any other company
Modern solutions for local companies and enterprises with a global reach
A way to reach your competitors' customers and convince them to your brand

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What exactly does our offer include?

The solutions that we offer you can be used not only for local business, but also global activities. Even when running a large-scale enterprise, you should advertise your product or branch locally. People who live nearby or are often in your area may be more likely to visit your business. This is because it saves them time and energy. They don't have to travel anywhere. They have what they are looking for locally. Just let them know.

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Original Geotrapping® and Geotargeting - a precise way to your customers

This is our proprietary solution. We collect and analyze data about tablet and smartphone users staying in a given location. In this way, we direct advertising campaigns to people who have visited an assigned store, company, or fair in the past. We can distinguish brand customers from customers of competing companies, and we can use it effectively.


We reach users who are currently in a specific location, e.g., near your company. For this, we use geolocation and the power of real-time actions. We attract people nearby to the company. When they look for services and products like yours, we give them your offer.

Advertising Creatives

Ads based on Geotrapping® and Geotargeting are surprisingly effective. Their secret lies in the great adaptation to the requirements of specific people. A different message will reach the user who is there for the first time, and a completely different message will convince the client of the competition. We know how to tell them apart.

Data from Selectivv DMP database

Our database is a treasury of knowledge about users from all over the world who visit a given location. Based on them, we get to know our clients' behavior better, and we can create more general profiles of these people. We also analyze the structure of traffic observed in a given location. We will use all this data to your advantage.

See how Geotrapping® and Geotargeting helped our clients

Start reaching specific people in the right place and time with your advertising message

We use information about the frequency of visits to a given location. In this way, we convince users to act more effectively. We excrete different groups of users, e.g., employees of the facility given, who are staying in it every day, frequent customers, and those in a given location occasionally. Then we choose a specific subgroup that you care about. We can reach each of them with a message tailored to their requirements.

We reach people who have shown interest in the product or service you offer them. Competitors' clients are a treasure trove, and our possibilities are more remarkable. We reach mobile users who have recently visited specific locations, e.g., wedding fairs and competing brands' wedding dress shops. On this basis, we can easily select potential customers whose purchasing intention is powerful at the moment.

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Bring your advertising activities to life

Outsource to us a marketing campaign. We will use location data to the maximum to gain customers for you.

Our answers for FAQs

How does Geotrapping® work?

If a given person has the GPS function turned on on their mobile device, their visit to the given place is recorded in the database. Later, you can direct a specific advertising message to such a person.

Which industries are most likely to use location data in their ads?

These are mainly stationary stores, restaurants, local service companies, but also larger enterprises that promote their branches located in various places.

When ordering an advertising campaign, can you limit it to Geotrapping® or geotargeting, or do you have to order both?

We will adjust the scope of the service individually to your needs and budget.

Will we sign a contract before starting cooperation?

Yes, we will draft a contract that includes our joint engagement arrangements.

Is ordering a quote tantamount to starting cooperation with our company?

Not. We prepare individual quotes so that clients can find out the approximate cost of the service. Only after accepting the valuation do they decide to cooperate.

Where can you find out more about Geotrapping® and Geotargeting?

You can contact us immediately or visit our blog and Knowledge Base. We run them with you in mind.