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Gain access to users of over 350,000 mobile apps

Advanced advertising in mobile apps is one of our key services. We even reach users of apps that don't have ads! We have built a solid database of users of various apps. Thanks to this, by working with us, you can reach every possible app with the advertisement.

Traffic, downloads, app reactivation, and increasing brand awareness are our clients' goals we most often pursue. What is your goal?

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An extensive database of users of over 350,000 apps and 17,000,000 mobile pages
Over 60 user profiles from Poland, Europe and around the world
Proprietary Programmatic for the purchase of advertising space in apps and mobile websites

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Advertising in mobile apps - what exactly does our offer include?

We display the ad to people using various apps: yours, competitive or other, any of selected categories. In this way, we can promote your app or company's offer. Advertising in mobile apps is intended not only for online businesses but also for offline brands. In combination with Geotargeting attract mobile users to corporate points.

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Gain access to users of over 350,000 mobile apps
In-app Solutions
We create static and rich media ads. We encourage recipients to download the app and generate additional traffic on the website. We also reach inactive users. We bring forgotten apps back to life. We will not let potential customers ignore your brand.
Own Programmatic

We have developed our technology for purchasing advertising space on mobile websites and applications. We have designed our offer perfectly so you can avoid many problems and difficulties that mobile advertising may bring.

Data Management Platform

During the campaign, we use our data on users of various apps. We know their behavior, and on this basis, we selected 60 different profiles. Thanks to this, our mobile advertising is one step ahead of the competition. You will save the budget on unnecessary tests. We will immediately direct the campaign to the right places.

Sprawdź, jakie efekty zapewnia nasza reklama mobilna

Take advantage of our over 6 years experience in the implementation of mobile campaigns

We will help you reactivate an unused app. It's hard to believe how many apps are only opened once, right after being downloaded. Later, they are quickly forgotten and replaced by others. Reaching inactive users with the right message can attract them to your app again. We direct high-quality traffic to it and don’t allow it to be forgotten so easily by those who have already downloaded it.

We will reach the users of your competitors' apps with the advertisement. Since they have taken advantage of your competitors' offers, they need what you can also provide them. It is enough to inform them about this fact in an appropriate manner. Our advanced ad targeting makes this possible.

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We will place your advertisement in every possible mobile app

We will advertise the brand among the users of those apps with potential clients of your company. Even if the app does not provide advertising space, we will reach its users by a different channel.

Our answers for FAQs

What is the Average CPI Price (App Install Cost)?

Campaign billing based on the CPI (Cost Per Install) model means that the fee is charged only when the user installs a given application. This model comes with individual arrangements. The price is based on a specific customer campaign.

How long should an ad be displayed in the minimum amount of time in mobile applications?

The optimal duration of the campaign is at least 1 month. During this time, we can optimize the ad settings to provide the best possible customer benefit. At the same time, we recommend an investment of at least PLN 10,000 per month.

Do we share our data about application users?

No, we do not share this information with clients. We operate in the managed-service model and we implement campaigns ourselves based on this data. On the other hand, we present our clients with a report summarizing the effects of advertisements and recommend further actions. All data at our disposal is obtained in accordance with the law and the principles of the GDPR.

How do we reach users of mobile applications that do not provide advertising space?

In this case, we are not able to show them ads directly in the application. We use the DMP Selectivv database to identify the appropriate target group. Ads are directed to other places they visit, e.g. to mobile sites or social media.

Is the request for a quote binding?

The quote we will send you is free of charge and without obligation. The cost of the campaign depends on many individual arrangements, so we can specify it precisely only after the initial conversation. The signing of the contract is the confirmation of establishing cooperation with our company.

Where can you find more information about app users and mobile ads?

We invite you to contact us directly for detailed, personalized information. Advertising in mobile applications is also one of the topics of our blog, studies and reports. We provide them for free on our website. However, if you want to thoroughly analyze the people using your applications or those offered by the competition, go to User research of specific applications.