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More than just regular social media campaigns

You know that saying: "Be where your customers are"? We will allow you to implement it fully. We run social media campaigns focused on image building (brand awareness) and acquiring leads (lead generation). We know more about social app users than you might think. By ordering a brand promotion service on social media from us, you can go a step further than your competition. Our DMP and advanced user segmentation offer even more possibilities. Check it out.

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Own database of mobile users Data Management Platform
Over 60 behavioral user profiles, including social media
Ads in every possible social app

See how Geotrapping® and Geotargeting helped our clients

We conduct advertising activities on social media

We create advertising displays and rich media. We have access to every social application. Why do we focus so much on mobile users? Because it pays off. Did you know that in 2020. 98% of active Facebook users had access to it via a smartphone?

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More than just regular social media campaigns
Facebook advertising
We prepare a campaign, target it to the appropriate group of users, and optimize and measure effectiveness. We configure Facebook Pixel, which collects information about people visiting the company's website via Facebook ads. The campaign is displayed not only on the website but also on Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Currently, it is the most popular among social networks.
Instagram advertising
We run Instagram Ads campaigns. We place them in the "Explore" section, in news or user stories . We focus heavily on the recommendations delivered by AI. They are systematically replacing "traditional" social network based on following as a main source of the Feed. We optimize ads, select specific target groups, and report campaign results.
LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn advertising offers slightly different possibilities than Facebook. We define the groups of ad recipients by taking into account the nature of their business, their role in the company, the groups on LinkedIn they belong to, or their education. Most often we advertise corporations and enterprises from the B2B industry here. We conduct both image and sales campaigns.
Twitter advertising
Twitter allows you to target your ads based on specific keywords . This way, the campaign reaches users who use certain words and hashtags in their posts. The method provides clear information on the target group's preferences and points of interest. Twitter has an extensive reach, yet commercial advertisements still do not oversaturate it. Keyword-based ads create a great opportunity for your successful campaign.

Ads on other social platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter advertising is not everything. We also reach users of portals such as Pinterest or Snapchat. Each platform has its own rules, and the users using them have different expectations towards them. That is why we create social media campaigns that meet the standards of a given portal.

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Our social media campaigns go beyond social networks

We will also reach social media users through other channels. We will plan the campaign to effectively guide potential customers through all stages of the purchasing process. Remember that paths are many. Thanks to the extensive DMP database, we can choose the best advertising channels. We look at social media marketing from a much broader perspective. Thanks to this, your opportunities automatically grow.

We will combine mobile data with location data for even more fruitful results. We analyze not only what pages users visit and where they shop online. We also know about their physical behavior. We use mobile identifiers to reach them at the right time and place. We accompany them not only when they sit in front of the computer. We are there where their mobile devices are, and your brand can be there too.

We will use the original Geotrapping®. It is a technology for targeting users who have visited specific locations. They can be, among others, fairs, conferences, cultural events, shops, service points. On this basis, we identify users' purchasing intentions even better and adjust the advertising message to them. We distinguish the brand's customers from the employees of a given place and the competition's customers.

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Stop limiting yourself and order social media campaigns from us

We will use all the possibilities to present your brand to social media users. We will help you determine where most of your potential customers are, and that is where we will implement the campaign. Who is more effective in persuading them to take specific actions than an agency that knows them better than others?

Our answers for FAQs

How does our digital marketing agency bill for digital advertising campaigns?

We use several models of online advertising billing, including CPC - cost per click, CPM (Cost Per Mille) - cost per 1,000 impressions, CPI (Cost Per Install) - the cost of installing the application, CPF ( Cost Per Fan) - price for acquiring a fan, CPL (Cost Per Lead) - the cost of acquiring a sales lead. The form of billing is selected according to the company's goals by advertising on social media.

What are the goals of social media campaigns?

Three main social media advertising goals are brand awareness, encouraging specific actions, and sales. We work with clients who want to increase their reach and promote their company. Others target to engage users, direct traffic to their website, stores, and acquire contacts. On the other hand, sales-oriented campaigns promote services and products to collect orders or encourage customers to visit a store or service point. A complete advertising strategy takes various goals into account. In this way, it reaches users who differ in purchasing intent. Some are just at the beginning of the sales path, while others are already comparing offers.

How long should social media campaigns last?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media campaigns should be run for at least one month. This is our recommendation, supported by thousands of completed campaigns. It's about time to optimize your ads for the best possible results.

Do customers have access to our user data?
We work in the managed-service model. This means that we direct our campaigns to the right people at the agreed time and place. We select those users who are most likely to be interested in contacting the company.
What is the difference between cross-selling and upselling?

These are sales strategies that are used by social media campaigns. Cross-selling is about offering the customers an extended offer. The point is to buy additional, complementary elements of the company's assortment to the product or service they already have. On the other hand, upselling focuses on increasing the value of the order. In this situation, the users are offered a product or service of better quality and, at the same time, more expensive than the basic version they are currently considering.

Where can I learn more about social media marketing?

You can find a solid dose of information on our blog. Also, check out the free materials we provide in the Knowledge Center. If you have questions, please contact us by phone or via contact form. We will present you with a plan for your brand’s social media campaign.