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Order push ads and gain loyal customers

We use push ads to build brand awareness effectively. Push retargeting prevents users from forgetting about the company they have come across advertising in the past. Moreover, push notifications do not require recipients to provide an e-mail address, and advertisers do not have to worry about GIODO registration (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection). Pure convenience.

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Over 60 user profiles in the Selectivv Data Management Platform database
Push retargeting based on a precise location
User-friendly and GDPR-friendly customer base building model

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We create precise push advertisements

We inform the audience about the latest offers, promotions, news, and other benefits of the companies we support. Short, engaging push notifications won't compete with your competitors for the user's attention. They will appear on their screens even if they are not currently using the Internet. In addition, the user first agrees to receive them. It's a pity not to take advantage of it, right?
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Order push ads and gain loyal customers
Push Ads
On-screen notifications can be in the form of visual, text, dialog, or URL notification ads. The user will see a header and a text, a graphic image, or a question with a box to mark the answer, encouraging them to take action. We also added a link to the recommended website, product. We will advise you what works best for you.
Push location
Location is one of the criteria we use to personalize ads. It gives us authority over where exactly the user will receive the notification. For example, if you only operate in a particular city, we will only target push ads to its residents. We will send an invitation or a discount coupon to people who are nearby. There are many possibilities.
Push retargeting

Based on your precise location, we run retargeting within 24 hours. This is the time when users still remember the brand. There is also a high probability that they are still looking for the products and services that the company offers them.

Data Management Platform

When running a push campaign, we also use our database of mobile users. It helps us to group them even more precisely in terms of behavior. In this way, push ads arise to the heights of precision and effectiveness.

Sprawdź korzyści płynące z naszych kampanii

Permission marketing

We will involve users in contact with your brand. Thanks to this, they will not forget about you. Think how many companies you have come into contact with have long since disappeared from your memory. Even if you considered taking their offer, it was enough for them to reach you with the appropriate message. Don't repeat this mistake.

We will help you finalize your sales more effectively. Did you know that attracting a new customer to your brand will cost you many times more than convincing the customer that you already have in your database to buy from you? We will show your customers personalized messages to make them want to place an order with you.

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Build long-term relationships with your customers

It simply pays off. We successfully use push ads at various stages of the buying process. We encourage users to buy and change their perception of the brand. With display advertising, we attract users to the site. After notifications are approved, we guide them through the steps until the order is placed. Check it out.

Our answers for FAQs

What is the difference between push and pull ads?

Push ads reach users by themselves, of course with their consent. At the same time, they create and respond to their needs. Whereas pull approach assumes that the client is looking for a given offer himself. Our agency combines both strategies.

How long should a minimum advertising campaign last to bring the desired results?

We run campaigns for a minimum of 1 month. We honestly inform you that in order to meet the benefits you read about in our offer, we need time to optimize.

Do we share our user data?

We deal with campaigns comprehensively. We direct them to the right people, based on our extensive DMP.

When will the user receive a push notification?

He can get them at any time. It is best to adjust it to the time when it will not start to disturb him and will be able to read it without any problems.

Is an order for a push ad quote binding?

Pricing is not the same as placing an order. By ordering it, you will get to know the cost of push advertising for free and decide for yourself whether you want to cooperate with us.

Where can you find more information on push retargeting?

Contact us. We will present the possibilities offered by push solutions to your brand. You will also get to know their individual valuation. Our specialists are waiting for you.