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Passive research enriched with declarative data

We research local populations and large groups of mobile users. We conduct surveys via mobile devices and combine them with passive data. Within 2 to 4 weeks we can analyze exceptionally numerous research groups.

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Our proprietary Geotrapping® technology
Passive data about users from the DMP Selectivv database
Intuitive surveys for mobile devices

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Public opinion research is just a part of our offer

We carry out one-time and cyclical surveys for companies from various industries. We are often contacted by local governments, tourism, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and gastronomic companies, and the overall B2B industry. In fact, in every market, getting to know the opinions of customers and their motivation cannot be overestimated. We do it quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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Passive research enriched with declarative data
Passive research
We collect data from over 350,000 mobile applications and 17,000,000 pages . We learn reliable information about the behaviors, habits, needs, and expectations of a specific group of users. Passive research concerns, inter alia, geolocation, activity in applications and on mobile websites, demographics, past locations, Internet use time and times, and many other indicators.
Questionnaire research
We conduct surveys on large groups of consumers (up to 10,000) . In this way, we are able not only to learn about opinions but also to explain phenomena observed in passive research. For example, if it turned out that people within reach of your brick-and-mortar store are shopping from competitors, it is worth finding out why. Maybe the competition is great for loyal customers or has something to offer that attracts them. On this basis, specific activities can be planned.

Good customer knowledge is essential

Conducting polls and getting information about certain customer behavior and Customer characteristics are our proposals for you.

Sprawdź, co dają nasze badania

We know the opinions and real actions of mobile users

Thanks to our work you'll get a detailed information even on a very large research sample. We can check, how many users showed up in your store physically, what's their opinion about your product, and much more.

We are able to quickly conduct research on a large group of recipients (even 10,000). The combination of declarative and passive results will open up unprecedented opportunities.

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Grow your business based on solid data

We help to expand the offer and respond to the actual expectations of customers. Combine declarative data with passive data. Give us the goal, and we will provide you with data for its implementation.

Our answers for FAQs

Does our research comply with European law?
Our research projects follow the requirements contained in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The data we provide is anonymous and does not violate any personal rights. Using them is legal. You cannot identify specific users by name, rather know the general preferences and customers’ behavior.
What is the difference between passive and declarative tests?

Declarative research includes the respondents’ declarations and requires their involvement. It can be an opinion poll, a questionnaire, a form. On the other hand, passive data does not include their direct involvement and is unbiased. It consists of mobile data in the form of geolocation, information about used applications or smartphone models, among others.

How many user groups can we include in the research?

We efficiently carry out even extensive research trials. The sample size depends on the individual requirements of the order. We can examine any necessary group.

What does the cost of the research depend on?

We prepare an individual valuation based on the size of the research sample, the type of research, its duration, and the number of indicators to be taken into account during the analyzes.

How long are public opinion polls and other surveys conducted in our agency?

The research take an average of 2 to 4 weeks. If you order cyclical research, not a one-time, we will set its duration individually.

Where can you learn more about opinion polls and Big Data?
We share this knowledge on the blog , share materials and reports at Knowledge Center . If, however, you need to consult a specialist for solutions for your business, write to us or call us.