Digital marketing dictionary

Specialists from our agency have created the Digital Marketing Dictionary, which contains the most important terms from the industry. It is essential knowledge for those who have been dealing with marketing for years and those who are just starting out in this field. 

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The dictionary explains all the most essential terms in the field of digital marketing. Learn the necessary terms used in mobile marketing. Over 100 terms providing industry knowledge. Getting to know the digital marketing environment is essential in order to move freely and operate mobile marketing.

All terms have been selected by the entire #TeamSelectivv, thanks to which the dictionary contains the necessary definitions from every level of mobile marketing. What is native advertising? What does a PUSH ad look like? What is geotargeting? Our set of terms will answer these and many more questions. Whether you are a marketing expert or just starting your adventure with mobile advertising does not matter. This compendium of knowledge will be helpful for a specialist at every level and facilitate teamwork. 

Getting to know the industry and understanding its basics and patterns is the foundation of being an expert in a given field. Download the dictionary and gain the necessary knowledge.

In the digital marketing dictionary, you will find terms from many categories: types and names of digital banners, explanations of concepts related to purchasing advertising space, ad targeting, or some research methods.