Ebook Setting Up Google Analytics on the website

The e-book on Google Analytics setup prepared by Selectivv specialists is a precise set of necessary information aimed at providing thorough knowledge on the use of Google Analytics.

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The study includes content in the field of Google Analytics service configuration, Google Analytics settings on the website, Google Analytics settings directly in the website code, GA4 code settings using GTM, and checking the correctness of GA4 code insertion.

Already next year, Google Analytics will be wholly transformed into GA4, where you will find many more features to track traffic on your website. Prepare for a change and check out our ebook.

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool that allows you to precisely analyze statistics and user behavior on the website. Correct and complete configuration of Google Analytics is very important, because later, based on the data flowing from it, you can make decisions about your company and specific products. Configuration of any tool should start with its installation.

The ebook clearly explains how to implement Google Analytics for your website. It is the best, easiest and most universal service for measuring data, traffic and visitors to your website. When establishing a website address, it is worth remembering to use this tool in the context of future research on website statistics. 

In addition to the instructions provided by Selectivv specialists, the ebook also includes screenshots related to specific steps for implementing and configuring Google Analytics. This way it will be even easier and the installation will not take much time and will bring tangible benefits in later use. 

At the very beginning, we will focus chronologically on the configuration or installation of Google Analytics for a specific website. Then we will show you how to set up Google Analytics on the website in two ways. The first is to set GA4 directly in the page code, and the second is to set the GA4 code using GTM. In addition, in the e-book, we will also show what additional tools - plugins will be helpful when installing Google Analytics at the same time. The accompanying plug-in that we have mentioned will allow you to validate the GA4 installation on your website. 

Thus, as a result, within a few minutes, you can access Google Analytics of your website, observe the data and draw conclusions for the future. We recommend this tool to all website owners, because it is the foundation for knowledge about your audience and the visibility of the content we create.

Table of Contents

  1. Configure Google Analytics (2)
  2. Setting Google Analytics on your website (6)
    1. 2.1 Setting Google Analytics directly in the website code (6)
    2. 2.2 Setting the GA code using GTM (8)
  3. Checking the correctness of inserting the GA code on the website (12)