Users of Smartphones and Tablets in Poland 2020

The Report "Users of Smartphones and Tablets in Poland, 2020" is an extensive summary of Pole's behavior in 2020, prepared by experts at Selectivv based on mobile data. Available in Polish.

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The study covers such topics as the movement of smartphone users, the use of selected applications, Internet consumption for mobile and commercial locations

All in the context of changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We checked what Poles were doing in Italy, Germany, Spain, and France last weekend before introducing the first restrictions (March 6-8, 2020). Then we examined how far Poles moved away from their homes (March 14-20) and how the traffic between voivodships was shaped (March 13-27). We also studied the impact of the crisis on the use of mobile and what children and teenagers do on smartphones.

In April, we checked how the users of smartphones and tablets reacted to the defrosting of the economy (April 13-19 and April 20-26, 2020). We also examined whether Poles wanted to visit shopping centers right after lifting the restrictions. In July, we learned what holiday travels this year looked like.

We also devoted several analyzes to commercial locations and the impact of the pandemic on their footfall (June, October 2020). As there were indications that it would take some time to return to pre-pandemic levels if at all, we examined several types of locations and changes in traffic (sports and recreation, public transport, restaurants, entertainment).

In addition, the report summarizes the marketing and research opportunities offered by location data from mobile devices during the crisis (advertising in applications, combining multiple channels of reach, alternative activities, and better understanding of the audience).

How is the data collected?

When a mobile device user opens a website or application containing advertising space with an advertisement displayed by Selectivv, the company receives basic information from the mobile device and the unique user number (GAID / IDFA). We are connected to advertising networks, which gives us access to 350,000. Apps and 17 million websites.

A beneficial method is also using historical data from the location (Geotrapping®). What are they? This is information about users who in the past visited places of interest to us at a specific time (selected shops, fairs, conferences, etc.).

We collect information about location, time, application, device, operating system, and mobile operator. Based on the collected data, we profile consumers of mobile devices. Our algorithms predict up to 362 facts about a single (still anonymous) user with high accuracy. Information is collected and updated in real-time.

Table of Contents

Introduction (4)
How is the data collected? (4)
Data acquisition by Selectivv in the context of the GDPR (5)
Restrictions in movement vs. smartphone user traffic (6)
Last weekend before the restrictions were introduced (7)
Have Poles stayed at home? (11)
Traffic between voivodships (13)
How far were Poles from the home zone in the week preceding the lifting of restrictions and just after it? (17)
A May weekend like no other (21)
The impact of COVID-19 on the summer holidays of Poles (24)
The behavior of smartphone users (35)
How did we use mobile devices? (36)
How has the pandemic changed our behavior? (37)
Sport and recreation (38)
Communication (40)
Restaurants (41)
Entertainment (42)
How has the internet consumption for mobile by children and youth changed? (43)
Commercial locations (45)
How did the crisis affect the number of visitors to commercial locations? (46)
Hypermarkets (48)
Discounters (49)
Local and convenience stores (50)
Supermarkets (51)
Did Poles want to visit shopping centers after the May weekend? (52)
Sunday without trade - changes in Poles' shopping habits (56)
Marketing and research opportunities during the crisis (64)
Advertising in applications (66)
Omnichannel and crosschannel (67)
How to benefit from canceled events and closed shopping
centers ? (68)
We can focus on getting to know our audience better. (69)
The Ending (70)


Selectivv is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in precise mobile advertising and research. Using our proprietary data collection solution and internal DMP, we combine online and offline data, making our campaigns effective and comprehensive research activities. Selectivv solutions are fully GDPR compliant.
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