Advertising Banners Specification, Part 1 (Display Ads)

During over 6 years of our practice in mobile advertising, we collected important data that allows us to determine, which creatives bring the best results for our clients. In this publication, we outline the formal requirements that they must meet, and show how they are being displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Creating suitable banner ads is one of the essential elements in planning and implementing a campaign. The customer is asked how his banner from the campaign will finally look on the web. Advertisers want answers to what format and visual requirements their creations must meet to display correctly and without obstacles. That is why we created a booklet containing answers to all questions regarding the specification of materials needed to implement the campaign.

How did we choose the banners?

We have seen how significant an online presence is. The introduced restrictions significantly increased the demand for products bought in online stores, and videoconferencing has become an everyday reality. One of the most effective ways to appear on the Internet is display advertising. That is why we focus our first advertising banner specification on it and suggest which advertising banners to choose.

Our many years of observations and experience in mobile advertising allowed us to collect all relevant data. Thanks to them, we can determine which creations will bring the best results for the client.

The publication provides detailed formal requirements that advertising banners must meet for display advertising. We understand that it may not be easy to imagine what such a creation may look like in the end, so we use visualization to show how they are displayed both on mobile devices and on the desktop.

In addition, we show which activities in advertising creations are necessary to persuade a potential recipient to interact.

What will you find in the publication?

In the publication, we list various types of advertising banners detailing the formal requirements they must meet. We understand that it may not be easy to imagine what such a creation may look like at the end, so we use visualization to show how they are displayed on both mobile devices and desktops. We chose the ones that have the best results for our clients. Since 2015, we have been successfully running various advertising campaigns, constantly improving the technologies we use.

What are the most important results for a campaign? We usually choose final sales or leads as a measure of success, especially in the case of efficiency measures. We tell more about how to use data in marketing at our Selectivv Academy workshops.

In addition, we present a list of other popular display advertising sizes, as well as beneficial calls to action (CTA, Call to Action), which should not be missing in any advertising campaign.

The publication is the first in a series about advertising banners. It was devoted entirely to display advertising. Another publication of this type is the specifications for advertising in social media.

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