App-clients visits brick & mortar stores 3x often than non-app-clients – Congress of the FMCG Market

The Congress of the FMCG took place in Warsaw on May 28-29th. It was an event dedicated to exchanging thoughts, knowledge and communication between partners in FMCG industry. It covered a wide range of subjects such as strategies in retail business, supply chain, technology & e-commerce, customer loyalty and marketing strategies. The last one was an opportunity for Selectivv to present to the audience research possibilities of its DataTank Dept.

The context of the research

Selectivv’s Client Director of DataTank Marcin Augustyniak and co-CEO Dominik Karbowski presented the results of research on customer behaviours and their impact on brand loyalty among users of mobile devices. It covered the topic of dependencies between two kinds of customers shopping offline: using brand mobile app (app-clients) and not using brand mobile app (non-app-clients). Analysis was conducted based on location data on discount stores, DIY stores and drugstores clients in Poland.

Main goals of the research were to analyze differences between mentioned groups, the frequency of visits and loyalty to brands in the offline channel. Additionally we analyzed their demographics and user characteristics.

Most significant conclusion and probably most important for brands (#trendalert) is that app-clients visits brick & mortar stores even more than 3x often than non-app-clients (discount stores 2,08x, DIY stores 3,75x, drugstores 1,98x – avg. number of visits per month).

Let’s take a closer look at  the particular categories

Discounts stores in general are more likely visited by men than women but the difference is not significant (app-clients 51,23%-M / 48,77%-W; non-app-clients 53,24%-M / 46,76%-W). Also, following groups of customers are larger on the app-clients side: pregnant women (1,23% vs. 0,52% in non-app group), women planning a baby (3,42% vs. 2,56% in non-app), parents of kids aged 1-4 (3,42% vs. 1,24% in non-app), parents of kids aged 5-10 (10,42% vs. 6,25% in non-app) and dating people (4,52% vs. 2,44% in non-app).

When it comes to DIY stores customers of both groups men are more frequent visitors and the difference in app-group is more significant (58,98%-M, 41,02-W). Based on user characteristics the situation is almost opposite to the discount stores – only parents of kids aged 1-10 creates larger group on the app-clients side (parents of kids aged 1-4 2,42% vs. 1,24% in non-app and parents of kids aged 5-10 12,32% vs. 6,25% in non-app). But still – app-clients visit DIY stores almost 4 times more often than customers who don’t have brand mobile app (1,20 vs. 0,32 avg. visits per month).

Last but not least, when we take a closer look at the app-clients of drugstores in Poland, 67 in 100 of them will be a woman, 4-5 of them will be pregnant and 9-10 will be trying for a baby. Also, around 30% of drugstore app-clients are parents of children aged 1-10 (1-4 10,24%, 5-10 6,25%). 7,24% is dating and 7,92% spending holiday abroad.

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