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Do Ukrainians build their future with Poland? – the latest Selectivv research

In which cities in Poland do the most people from Ukraine live? Are they expecting a baby in the near future? Which mobile operators do they choose most often and the offer of which bank do they use?

We have decided to check what information about Ukrainians is available on smartphones and tablets based on the analysis of data collected in Selectivv DMP.

Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Tricity and Lublin are the cities with the largest number of Ukrainians in Poland. In the capital, Ukrainians usually live in Praga and Ursynów, as well as the Wesoła district and Sulejówek near Warsaw, where hotels for workers are located. In Tricity, the districts of Wrzeszcz and Chełm in Gdańsk are most often chosen, and from the side of Gdynia they prefer the neighboring city of Rumia. A large concentration of Ukrainian citizens is also found in the fruit-growing areas: in the grójecko-warecki region, the largest of its kind in the country, and in the vicinity of Radom. How do we know that? Thanks to the analysis of location data provided by smartphones and tablets.

Ukrainians: An interactive map showing the residential areas of people from Ukraine:

In this research we assumed that "a person from Ukraine living in Poland" is one who has a SIM card of the Polish operator but has the Russian or Ukrainian language set on the phone and at least once has been in Ukraine during 2018 and / or changed during this time the SIM-card of the Ukrainian operator. On this basis, over 600 000 users were selected for the study from among 1 250 000 Ukrainian citizens living in Poland that are profiled in Selectivv DMP database.

The fact that Ukrainians build the future with Poland is demonstrated by the increased propensity to start a family. This can be seen in the example of using applications that are useful when planning for a pregnancy. In January 2019 almost 12% of Ukrainian women living in Poland used this type of application. This is over twice as much than the last year, when the plans related to having a baby were reported by less than 5% of women. The desire to start a family is not surprising if we look at the age of Ukrainian citizens living in Poland: 67% of people are in reproductive age, including: in the age of 21-30 there is 38% of Ukrainians, and in the age of 31-40 - 29% of them. The population of people aged 41-50 is smaller and is about 15%, whereas over 51 years old there is only 7% of Ukrainians living in Poland.

Map Selectivv - Do Ukrainians see the future with Poland?

There are more Ukrainian men than women in Poland. Male representatives constitute over 56%, while women are around 44%. Men predominate in cities up to 100 000 residents and in smaller towns, where they make up nearly 53% of Ukrainian citizens. However, the inverse proportions occur in larger cities. Here, over 53% of Ukrainian women account for less than 47% of Ukrainian men. The above gender distribution may be related to the greater number of jobs in the service industry in large cities, which are still the domain of women: in restaurants, shops, beauty salons or in medical care and more frequent employment of men for manual work in smaller towns - in construction and production or in areas specialized in agriculture.

On the basis of data from the mobile channel, it is also known that PKO BP, Bank Pekao S.A and mBank applications are the most frequently used mobile banking applications. In addition, it is assumed that about 95% of Ukrainians working legally in Poland have a Polish Bank account. This is more convenient for people from Ukraine - Ukrainian banks do not accept IBAN system, so the transfer of money lasts so long and is relatively expensive.

In addition to Polish banks, Ukrainians living in this country also use the offers of Polish telephone networks. The clients of Polish mobile operators with the Russian language set most often choose Play (40%) and T-Mobile (37%), followed by Orange (13%) and Plus / Cyfrowy Polsat (10%). On the other hand, among people with the Ukrainian language set, the Play network (43%) recorded a greater percentage over other operator. T-Mobile was used by 36% of Ukrainians, Orange - 12%, and Plus / Cyfrowy Polsat chose 9%.

Thanks to the possibilities of collecting and analyzing data from smartphones, it is possible to study consumer behavior, and thus to adjust communication activities that respond to the needs of specific social groups. Acquired data on people from Ukraine living in Poland - both demographic and related to the services they use - show that the increasingly popular offers of banks and mobile operators, prepared for this national group, constitute a well-thought-out companies’ communication strategy.

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