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Pandemic and gastronomy. How has the number of places serving food changed?

gastronomia i wpływ pandemii

The gastronomy sector is the most affected by the pandemic and related restrictions. Have petrol stations increased their share of motorists' "food cake"? Our Data Tank team has researched the pandemic impact on the gastronomic development in the country. The data were compared with behavior at gas stations, fast food outlets, and traffic in take-away apps. The survey has been conducted over the last 32 months.

Gastronomy after the pandemic. What places serving food do we choose most often?

Our research team for the PetroTrend conference conducted a study that allowed us to answer this question. At the outset, it can be argued that the pandemic had a significant impact on the functioning of catering placesThe introduced restrictions and restrictions did not work in favor of the premises. The first symptoms of increased interest in food applications are the turn of 2019/2020. March 2020 was a critical month. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, an increase in the index of launching applications for ordering food by 80% was observed. Thus, there is a visible decrease in the number of visits to fast food establishments and a slight change at gas stations (where de facto restrictions did not apply). 

In May, when the restrictions were no longer less restrictive, there was an increase in visits to gastronomic establishments, while at the same time no decrease in the use of the application for ordering take-out food. Thanks to this, it is expected that the applications will not lose their popularity, even if the restrictions were lifted in full. Since the pandemic, applications have maintained a steady upward trend, and they are the biggest beneficiary of closed eateries.

gastronomia a pandemia

The study concluded that most likely shortly, we will observe stabilization of customer behavior (increase in fast food, similar stations, slight increases in applications). Additionally, the relatively small changes in visiting gas stations show that they have taken over some fast-food customers, but to a much lesser extent than apps. It can be concluded that petrol stations should consider starting/developing cooperation with applications that could be beneficiaries to the same extent in the event of further restrictions.

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