What do apps tell about the competitors’ customers?

Until recently, it was impossible to identify users who were devoid of ads, such as paid or branded apps. The new solution of Selectivv Mobile House allows you to explore the users of any app and target the advertising to them. Due to this fact, on average Selectivv already possesses 362 facts about the owner of the smartphone and distinguishes 60 psychographic profiles.

Dane z mobile o klientach Twojej konkurencji

In the case of an ad application, users agree to share anonymous personal data in return for free use of the application. Until now marketers were not able to find out who are the people using the apps which are devoid of advertising such as those created by banks, shopping chains, or taxi companies. Information about installed apps is collected by some other applications, such as gender or location information. Cooperation with technology partner got Selectivv access to this data.

This fact enabled the company to identify 820 thousand people, who in the last two months used the Uber app in Poland; 720 thousand users of mobile app of one of the largest banks in the country, as well as 2.6 million Instagram users and 750 thousand Snapchat users. The use of these data gives a completely new targeting capabilities for mobile advertising and user research.

„We can focus ads on a specific customer group of competitors, for example, people with an application of another bank. Psychographic analysis of the same group helps us to learn more about its characteristics and behaviors,” says Dominik Karbowski, Vice President of Selectivv Mobile House.

Selectivv has used data about used applications to expand its base of psychographic profiles, that currently count 60 different groups. For existing profiles, such as pregnant women or customers of discount stores, company added the users of music apps (2.4 million people), VOD (1.9 million people), or mobile banking (1.1 million people). In total, the company already possesses 362 facts about mobile user.

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