Will Poles visit shopping centers after the May Weekend?

On Wednesday, April 29, during a press conference, the Prime Minister announced that shopping centers will be open again after the May Weekend. Their availability will be resumed gradually. Among others, there will be limits for people entering, restaurants will remain closed. Is this a proper moment?

Mood of Poles

On April 16-18, 2020, we conducted a survey of 2,400 people. The analysis purpose was to find out Poles’ opinions on issues related to visiting shopping centers. We asked about the large-scale commercial facilities visit’s related concerns or the location preferences. The recipients also answered whether they would decide to shop immediately after taking off current restrictions or prefer to wait. Finally, we asked what factors influence the visit of a selected shopping center.

What are we afraid of visiting shopping centers?

35.31% of respondents are afraid of large people groups in shopping centers. 48.21% declared that the most important factor when choosing a location is ensuring shopping safety. Interestingly, more people are afraid of being in a confined space (28.76%) or not ensuring sanitary requirements by shopping malls (26.44%) than queues (10.49%). When asked which shopping centers the respondents would visit first, 41.56% answered those with the least crowded and 36.87% those closest to home.

Shopping centers – when and for what purpose?

Promotions (36.46%) are the second factor inclining to visit the selected location. 38.31% of the analyzed group intends to visit clothing stores first. However, it does not seem that on Monday, May 4, we can expect a siege of commercial facilities. Only 7.77% of respondents intend to shop from the first day of opening. Almost half (48.32%) plan to visit the mall within the first two weeks.

Selectivv. Will the opening of shopping centers end the shopping quarantine of Poles?
Selectivv. Will the opening of shopping centers end the shopping quarantine of Poles?

Research results

The study was conducted on a sample of 2,400 people from 166/04/2020 to 18/04. 2020 by Selectivv Sp.z o.o.

  1. What are you afraid of while visiting the mall?
    1. large clusters of people 35.31%
    2. closed areas (under roof) 28.76%
    3. not ensuring sanitary requirements by Shopping Centers 25.44%
    4. large queues 10.49%
  2. When will you visit the mall if it opens?
    1. the first day since opening 7.77%
    1. first 5 days from opening 37.36%
    2. first 2 weeks from opening 48.32%
    3. month since opening 6.55%
  3. Which shopping centers will you visit first? (multiple choice question)
    1. close to home 36.87%
    2. close to work 12.92%
    3. least crowded 41.56%
    4. shopping entrances from the car park (shopping parks) 21.43%
  4. Which stores will you visit first?
    1. clothing 38.31%
    2. interior furnishings / garden 29.54%
    3. footwear 27.88%
    4. other 4.27%
  5. What would make you go to a chosen shopping center?
    1. ensuring shopping security 48.21%
    2. promotions 36.46%
    3. large parking lot 12.56%
    4. meeting with friends 2.77%

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